Best Way to Control a DSD from a Chromebook?

What is the best web-based way to control a DSD w/ Bridge II? I just got a Pixelbook (which I love) - it does allow Android apps, but the Android apps, which generally work great, don’t seem to work well with the UPnP players and not at all with Roon (I’m really hoping Roon comes out with a Chrome app).

I guess I would be happy with either a web based solution or an Android app that works well on a Pixelbook.

Any good ideas?



Not familiar with Chromebooks, but the “Bubble UPnP” Android app works well controlling the Bridge II from a smart phone.

+1 on the Bubble UPnP control point if it will work on a Chromebook. it’s one of the best control points around.

Totally agree, and using BubbleUpnp combined with a Qobuz and/or Tidal account delivers a great bonus as one can use their native apps to browse and select music to play with Bridge II. Browsing the native Qobuz and/or Tidal app with BubbleUpnp doing it’s thing in the background is a great way to explore and enjoy music: