Bridge II questions

Hi, I have a couple of questions about the Bridge II which I suspect have been asked before but I’m struggling to find a definitive answer.

I’m currently using a Melco NAS connected into my DS via USB, using a W4S Recovery and good quality USB cables (Oyaide Continental 5S as main cable to Recovery and Curious Cable from Recovery to DS).

Im using bubbleupnp on a Samsung tablet to control playing files from Melco as well as steaming from Tidal. There’s no need for a laptop/PC in this setup, tablet controls everything.

My next planned upgrade was to purchase a Lanrover to get the very best out of the USB.

However, before doing that, I wanted re revisit whether or not Bridge 2 might be a better option, so I have a couple of questions I’d like folks views on:

  1. Is there a general view as to whether bridge 2 sounds as good as or better than a well implemented USB connection i.e. my current setup plus Lanrover? I realise there are further tweaks to take USB even further but if Bridge 2 performance is as good or better, it would be a simpler and more cost effective option for me.

  2. If I went for Bridge 2 instead of USB, will I still be able to control everything, including Tidal streaming, from my tablet I.e. No need for a laptop or PC in my setup? This is really important to me as I don’t want the hassle of having to have a laptop/PC.

Many thanks in advance for any input or advice.



Hi Mike,

I don’t know for #1 as I have only used the bridge so far.
For #2, you are safe with a tablet if you use an Android tablet. I am controlling the DS through BubbleUpnp. I am streaming from my NAS and Qobuz. I tested Tidal once and it worked well too. Just prefer Qobuz from a catalog perspective.


I’m not sure there is a consensus about #1. I have experimented with both and can tell you that the Bridge II always sounded better than USB until I did a lot of tweaking. I have a small Windows 10 computer used only for audio, with Fidelizer Pro and LPSs for the computer, USB card, and network switch. Now the USB is very close to the Bridge. I still play through the Bridge most of the time, since I prefer to leave the computer off unless I am ripping vinyl or playing double- or quad-rate DSD (rare). The only tweaking for the Bridge involved purchasing some good ethernet cables (Audioquest Vodka). I store my files on a NAS with MinimServer installed on it.

BuppleUPnP handles Tidal, and IIRC so do Linn Kazoo and mcontrol or mconnect (can’t remember which one) on an iPad, which I use. (I don’t have a Tidal subscription but I recall seeing the T icon.)

Hope this helps!

Hi, many thanks for the input/advice so far.

Was wondering if anyone has been able to compare sound quality of USB (with Lanrover) vs Bridge II?

If im going to spending £600 on Lanrover I felt I should check if I might be better going to the Bridge 2?

Thanks again,