Best way to use the zones?

I own a p5 that I’ve been using to power my digital products. The problem is I have four zones and five products:

ethernet optical network on a linear power supply

server on linear power supply (Aries right now)

ifi iusb 3.0 on linear power supply (reclocker)

dac 1 (always on)

dac 2 (sometimes on)

whats the best way to use the five zones to reduce noise?

thank you!

Generally, grouping analog with analog, and digital with digital works best. As yours is powering all digital this obviously does not apply.

I would simply put the DACs on the same zone.

Of course, you can chart out all of the possible combinations and can test but I doubt you would hear any difference.

So a DAC counts as a digital device? I’m trying on my system now and can’t decide which I like best – DAC plugged with the digital crowd or with the analogue one (preamp and amps) – they’re different, the latter seems more natural but less spectacular.

DACs are both digital and analog but from the perspective of a power device, they qualify as digital.