BHK 250 amp, shorting plug on XLR inputs?

Dear PS Audio community,

I am from Berlin, Germany and this is my first post.
Last month I purchased a new BHK 250 amplifier. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it’s recommended to short the XLR-inputs
while I use the RCA-inputs and vice versa?
Some other manufacturers like Mark Levinson recommend doing so to enhance performance and lower noise floor… I attached an example image.
Thank you kindly!

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Welcome, @klangtausch !

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I’m going by memory, but I think Paul said to no to short. The design makes it unnecessary.


Welcome! Watchdog is correct, you don’t need to short them and it is not recommended.

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Am I the only novice on the board who looked at the image and cringed? I thank the more knowledgeable for their responses.

Great, thanks to everyone for the kind & fast replies. Noted. This has been helpful.