BHK 300s and single ended hookup

Hi all

Is anyone using the rca hookup to their preamp from the BHK monos?
I read one of the reviews either in stereophile or absolute sound where Paul stated that balanced improved bass. Well, I’m not ready to move from my modded direct coupled cary slp98p and it is single ended.
Any comments on this or how the cary might mate w the BHKs is appreciated. Thanks in advance

My opinion is just that and it is surely at odds with the standard advice here, but if noise is not an issue, RCA sounds better. If you are looking for more bass, try moving your speakers around. You’d be nuts to get rid of that great preamp.


An excellent, and pretty, preamp.

There is nothing wrong with single-ended. The sound with this preamp and the BHKs will be wonderful.

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Yes elk. It was one of those ‘preamps don’t make a big difference ‘…ooops! I was wrong moments. I just couldn’t believe the diff compared to my multiple solid state preamps of the past. (Nothing in the same league ). It was truly a jaw dropper many years back. I think getting the 98p modded thru cary - direct coupled/ improvements to power supply / Mundorf caps is a real winner. And… it is pretty too w the red chassis and black faceplate :slight_smile:

I have a Cary CAD-280SA V12, also in Jaguar red. It is gorgeous. It was updated by Cary as well. Dennis knows what he is doing. It sounds great running either singe ended or balanced.

Do you have the BHK monos now so you can tel us about the sound?

I do not have the monos

Do you have them under serious consideration? :+1:

Haha. I’m always seriously considering such things!! Lol. It’s a money thing - I’m very slow to pull the trigger on such thoughts. I have what I consider a nice amp. However it is 20 years old. So I’ve prob got 5 working years left in me.

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I understand. It takes me a long time, research, and deliberation to buy expensive toys - no matter how obviously wonderful they may be.

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Me too. I often wait to see if the flame goes out. If it does, I’ve saved some money.

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An excellent way to express it.

I also have insatiable curiosity and continually need to reign myself in so I do not by something just to see what it is like, but with no real interest to keep it.

Yes. Right now it’s a three pedal M2.

If you front the cash, I can test it for you and let you know. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: