BHK 250 Amp with 94dB efficient horn speakers

Hi Steven,

I am not sure what you are talking about in your statement. The number of PS Audio dealers has nothing to do with the provision service and support. All repair work on PS Audio products is carried out by my business based in the UK regardless of whether the product is under warranty or not.

I have previously asked you nicely to refrain from commenting on subjects of which you have little or no information. You cannot possibly comment on whether a UK dealer may or may not provide a trade in deal because that will depend on the products in question and the margin/prices involved.

It’s great that you are enjoying your DirectStream DAC, please do feel free to provide commentary on the product you have and your experience with that product.

Best wishes


I had this discussion some years ago and was informed that the amplifiers were not serviced in the UK. If that’s changed, then good. I stated above my understanding that other units, such as DACs, are UK serviceable. I can only state what I’m told.

It is great that you can service units in the UK, admittedly in Kent, not exactly near Scotland, not what I have been led to believe in the past. If that is the case, then perhaps you should say so on your website. Then this issue would not have come up at all. At the same time, perhaps you should update the product listing - most of the products you list are no longer available.

I am a customer and support is vital. It is no accident that the unit I currently use has global door-to-door collect and return.

So who are the dealers in Scotland? I checked your website before saying that. Fanthorpes and MCRU are the most northerly. We did discuss the idea that Dave Brook might be prepared to loan an amp. I’ve spent quite a bit with him over the years and he’s as accommodating as they come.

I don’t enjoy the DSD DAC as I had a PWD DAC and the upgrade was uncompetitive. At the time it was £6,000 and is now some 25% cheaper. That was about $9,000 at the time and I was reading USA customers getting new units at half that price. I bought an Audiolab MDAC+ instead.

The reality of my experience having sold two PSA items that I had purchased new in the UK from UK authorised dealers were that they were extremely difficult to sell and and from recollection took about 18 months each. They were current models and I got about 40% of my money back. One unit was sold to a buyer in Germany, my experience again is that UK private buyers are often difficult, can’t make decisions, want to steal stuff, and want personal collection or delivery, whereas I’ve sold to Norway, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and even to the USA with no hassle at all.

A few years ago I had an item to sell and a guy came with €7,000 cash from Paris. He wanted to choose between my unit and one at a PSA dealer. I collected the guy from Kings Cross, put him up at my house, took a day off work, drove a 250 mile round trip and he bought the item from the PSA dealer, handing over the cash in front of me, and the dealer then took advantage of me on something else. So I don’t think I’ve been unhelpful in the past.

I have bought from 4 PSA dealers and they have made comments to me, which I will keep between us.

This thread was seeking advice on driving HL2’s. Most Impulse speakers were reviewed in the 1980’s by one man, who still uses them, who I speak to regularly, am going to see this week, and on whose advice I bought my turntable and speaker cables. He also advised me on potentially buying Impulses. He recommended the Ta’au, an upgraded HL2. If you think a BK250 is the right amplifier for HL2’s, that’s a matter of opinion.

I have said here before that I am not brand-loyal with anyone, but am always interested in a good product that might benefit me. I was on the phone to Analogue Seduction only last week expressing a serious interest in the Stellar Phono, whilst buying the most outrageously expensive Rega stylus gauge. The reason being I may buy active speakers in the future so I would need balanced outputs and it is primarily for MC use. Unfortunately the product has virtually no feedback in the UK (all their sales were online with only one comment) and I’d believe Trump more than Fremer. I told them I would wait until there is more feedback or a trustworthy review, but there are other options. Really I would like to have a unit on demo, because my main reservation is the lack of a separate power supply. I was also looking at a Stellar system for my son, which I can get more locally at Futureshop (they don’t stock the phono), but maybe I will reconsider that as well.

I’m sorry I hung up on you but you used bad language. I have a thing about that. I’ve tried to get Fat Rat to stop, but he’s amusing and Australian, so he gets a pass.

Steven, thanks for your response. I don’t find it useful or relevant in the most part with exaggerations to make weak points and to reference conversations with dealers that you will keep between you sounds like a veiled threat and is immature hearsay - not what this forum is for. It’s unhelpful at best referring to conversations you had years ago only to reference them in a forum question that didn’t seek them. Rather than spout misinformation perhaps leave it to others or better still ask the right questions if you are so interested. I fail again to understand your point on Kent not being near Scotland for product service when you go on to contradict yourself stating you have global door-to-door return - why then would it matter where a service centre is located.

As mentioned in my original response there are no dealers in Scotland. This is not for the want of trying and is something I would like to change however the dealer in question has chosen the products they want to sell and due to the investment required to set up their new location they need to make careful business decisions going forward.

Any UK based PS Audio dealer will let you have a demo of the Stellar phono, it appears that you are not dealer loyal given at least 7 dealers are mentioned. Regardless all can help you and of course if they can’t you have my mobile number and are welcome to call and discuss.

I bought a PSA DAC from Analogue Seduction on your recommendation. I’ve bought some cables from Futureshop as they are ten minutes from home. I’ve bought power products from MCRU including Isotek and Longdog because they specialise in power. I almost bought an ex-demo Cyrus Phono Sig from Fanthorpes, but bought a Vertere privately. I can’t remember who I bought my mains regenerator from, probably MCRU. I buy Harbeth from Radlett (like everyone else) and Devialet and Shunyata from KJ, where I first spent money as a poor student in 1980, and who are also local. I won’t mention the PSA dealer who I fell out with, from whom I bought three expensive items and he also got my €7,000. And just for good measure when I used Auralic I got it from Audio Emotion in Scotland because they are the UK distributor and do deals, are a pleasure to do business with, and I also bought Innuos from them with a discount, even though there is a dealer (Sonata) 10 minutes away. I bought my headphones and some previous speakers from HiFiLounge, 45 minutes away, because they were the first UK MrSpeakers stockist, cans recommended by Badbeef here, and they do excellent open days. They also have the best headphone business anywhere. I also use Townshend products that I get from Emporium HiFi. I also buy direct from Origin Live, just bought a cart from them, have one of their tonearms, but otherwise get analogue from Analogue Seduction, which is why I spoke to them about the Stellar Phono. Last month I wanted a Jelco 850, would have bought from Analogue Seduction, but Ammonite had one ex-demo with their collar upgrade so I bought that.

That may give readers an idea how it is possible to be loyal to lots of dealers, more than 7 by my count, for different things, and make my small contribution to the UK dealer network’s survival. The irony is the only one I haven’t met is Audio Emotion in Scotland. The dealer network is a system that has apparently failed in the USA and I would hope will survive in the UK.

The rest of what you say amounts to calling me a liar, I don’t think anyone has any interest in reading what I think and I have no interest in typing it.

p.s. I’d much rather make more useful posts about where to get Fournier’s Bach cello suites at a fraction of the cost.

Fournier’s Bach cello suites it is then!

It is.
24/192 on Qobuz
£300 for the 1961 box set.
£40 for the 1975 reissue.
I also have the SACD but no dCS transport (regrettably).

After that Isserlis seems to have come second. Heard him play them live quite recently. Fournier regrettably is long dead.

OP here catching up on the thread…

Thanks for the kind offer, I’ve actually spoken with you in the past when I had an issue with my First DS Dac being DOA and you organised a replacement right away to be shipped from the States.
You also threw in a PS Audio power cable as a gesture for my inconvenience, which was a pleasant surprise and very much appreciated.
I’ll be in touch re: demo unit.
Appreciate you reaching out, thanks

Thanks for your input on my thread, especially the Jimmy Hughes connection, very cool.
Big fan of his and Alvin Gold back in the day.
Appreciate your insight re: speaker efficiency and amp power.

What’s not so good though, is that the thread seems to needlessly have descended into something, uhm…uneccessary?
Pick a fight elsewhere please.

You seem griped at apparently being made out to be a liar (which no-one wants to read…your right), then you imply Michael Fermer’s opinion is untrustworthy/wrong…whatever?
Can you see the irony?

Lots of folks have pitched in with helpful suggestions to my original question, and I’ve never found this forum to be anything less than that.
There’s a difference between sharing an opinion and being opinionated…you know?
I took on board what you said the first time you said it, but like other folks the best way to help is offer your opinion and hope it gives the guy asking the question a bit more enlightenment towards getting an answer.

But having been around the (forum) block a very long time, I can say all peoples opinions can count, not just one persons.
And I must admit you bringing what seems like a personal beef with Kevin to my thread here a bit wrong.
Your comment “Are we back at the H2’s again”? when I sought other people’s opinions took me by surprise.
Words on a screen of course, so I don’t hold anything to it, but given that comment, and your public bickering on someone else’s thread not to be the most helpful.
If you have issues with anything, fine.
But start your own thread please, I like to keep things friendly where possible.

But all that said,
Like everyone who responded to my question I appreciate the help.

So thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

For myself, I’ve had nothing but great experiences with Kevin and his dealer Igloo Audio and the PS Audio company and community.
Whilst it would be better if there was a PS Audio dealer 10 minutes away, I don’t have an issue with there not, given my understanding of how dealer networks work.

I don’t want it to seem like it’s my beef with there being no Scottish dealer.
I didn’t bring it up, and Kevin has reached out to offer a demo unit in exactly the same way PS Audio seem to look after their customers in the US.
So geography doesn’t affect the great customer experience (In my opinion as the OP)

S’all good.

Have a cuppa and put on some favourite music.

Your pal

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Far better than that, just seen an amazing performance by Cloud Gate, mind-blowing. Forget audio, just go live, 4th night of the last 5.

Ive no beef with Kevin, I met him in 2013 and shortly thereafter bought a regenerator. More after that and looking at the Stellar phono last week.

I was having a gentle dig at Fremer. I do not like his OTT style. I don’t care about his rare vinyl. I like chilled and informative, Alan Sircom, Jason Kennedy and formerly J Hughes and others at hifi plus. Their reviews actually inspire me to buy things, Fremer does not.

Ah ha, good stuff Steven.

Yeah, I think Fremer has that “New York” style dialled up to 11 sometimes, but he knows his stuff.
Back in the day hifi journalism was better, Malcolm Steward in Hifi Answers along with Jimmy were must reads for me.

Apologies, that was half a post during the interval.

I’m not sure how many USA readers know them or are aware, as are all owners or potential owners, that there is a complete Impulse resource and database at A 10w amp should do the job and 100w is as much as you would ever need. That’s why, given the Bhk is hybrid, I suggested a 125w hybrid amp.

It is of course your choice, and it was interesting to read that in the Glasgow/Edinburgh area you have a fantastic range of audio dealers and products.

When I was considering H2’s I had a 22w SET. I reckon they would have been a good match.

Let us know how it goes with the BHK.

Hi Steven,
Aware of the Acoustica site, it’s a great resource.

Have a place in my heart for the H2’s, since owning them they make other speakers I’ve heard since sound shut in.
The set I own have an interesting backstory too, a previous owner was the lead violinist of the Royal Philharmonic orchestra.
Bet he had a good ear!
My previous amp was an 8 (or 9 depending on how you measured it) 300B SET from Nick Gotham, so know how good SET can sound.
Mines was a hybrid amp, in Nick’s words, he “wanted to see what happened when he wrapped sand round a 300B”
Solid state regulation, heavy AE iron, custom DHT board it was an amazing amp for sure.

But cost of ownership with annual 300B changes (I had Elrog’s, Western Electrics and KR Balloons…to give an idea of cost) was getting too much.
That plus some FUD about the amp “going off” made me want to switch to solid state.

It’s an interesting journey for sure. :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks again for your input.

Art Audio Jota Silver wired, EML 300B-XLS with solid state regulation. Sowter transformers. 22w.
It was actually perfectly OK for PMC Fact.8 at about 90dB.
Would have been ample for H2.

Nice amp for sure,
But feel I’ve “been there and done” valve power amps, so solid state for me going forward.

I feel exactly the same about pure valve amps. My only exception is for a small room and relatively quiet listening I could very happily live with an Audio Note amp/speaker combination. When I’ve heard them I’ve always been impressed.

My only regret with the Devialet 250 Pro CI is that the Devialet 140 that came out 2 years later is a third the price would do the same job and is plenty powerful enough for my speakers.