BHK 250 - not working

Dear Brain trust,

My 250 has no lights whatsoever. I just checked the fuses and the T250V-2AH fuse is open. The other three fuses on the back all short as expected. Of course I don’t have a spare. I thought I did, but I was sadly mistaken. I will have spares tomorrow :wink:

Any ideas why this fuse would blow? The only thing I have connected that some might not is a trigger from a BHK Pre. In all the years I’ve been poking at this hobby, I don’t think that I have ever had a fuse fail.

Thanks in advance,

Sorry to hear. This never happens when SR offers the buy 2 get 1 free fuse special!

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I have had fuses fail just a couple of times, each time with no apparent reason.

I do not worry about it and simply replace the fuse, glad its predecessor gave its life potentially avoiding damage.


Any reason why I shouldn’t temporarily use a glass fuse vs a ceramic fuse until I get my hands on ceramic replacements?

No. Just make sure they’re the same blow type and amperage.

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Great! Thanks for the quick reply!

Glass won’t be a problem at all. Were you able to get ahold of our team to have them ship you out some replacements?

I’ve been emailing a nice fellow named James Herod about purchasing them. I haven’t heard back.

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Oh, that guy has no idea what he’s doing. You won’t want to work with him. I’ll see what I can do to have him respond. :smile:


Whiz Kid the wise acre guy :smile:

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While it’s been widely documented elsewhere in the forum, to the point where you might believe that posts exclaiming all of James’ virtues might be posted by him, I can confirm that they are all true. I would like to add that not only is he smart and has incredible customer service skills, he’s handsome and witty as well! :wink:

Thanks James for your help with my 250. I picked up a few 2A slow blow from a local electronics shop and am back in business. I will swap them out with the original spec when they arrive.

Take care,


Yep Vince Jamesh the “whiz kid” is one special dude and
dearly appreciated by all of us…


Ha, thanks guys, really means a lot! Keep it going though, Paul needs to see this. My review is coming up in a month… :joy: :joy:


Maybe we can get you your own parking space!


You deserve a Tesla truck!

The aesthetic takes a while to grow on you but the tech is amazing.


Wait! Review? Hmmm… For the small price of a delivered, new PP20 I can write a user story that will make your yet to be born grandchildren blush.


James is great! Always there for the PS Audio customer! Here is my contribution.

@jamesh @Paul


Should add a PS: All others will be forced to listen to bad speakers.

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Well done!


I’ve got a question that’s semi off topic.

I have a 230v BHK 250, and replaced one of the mains fuses with a 2A SR Orange fuse, where the specification is for a 1.6A.

Is this a big problem? Is there any impact on sound quality? The amp sounds and works fine, but not sure if I’m reaching full potential or not.