BHK 250 - not working

Personally, I’d follow manufacturer’s recommendations to minimize risks.

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The fuse value won’t have anything to do with SQ. However, because it’s rated a little higher than we recommend, you are putting the amp at a slightly higher risk of something happening. I can’t force you to do anything, but I’d recommend sticking with a 1.6 if you can.


Just wondering if your fuse cleared during power up. This can happen due to higher in-rush currents when charging power supply capacitors for example. Also (not sure about BK250 design) an in-rush limiting device is often employed that presents high resistance when “cold” and low resistance when hot. If you cycle power rapidly on/off/on you can increase the in-rush current because the in-rush limiting device is still hot from being powered on very recently. This could explain your fuse clearing and then having the amp function normally after fuse replacement.

“Normally” when a fuse clears there’s some downstream problem that is likely to cause the fuse to clear again. It is possible for a fuse to see enough vibration (during shipping, etc.) to weaken the filament also.


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Hey OP,
Saw in another thread that you have both BHK 250 and JC5. After the BHK breaks in (if new), be sure to post your listening impressions and comparisons of the two amps. What does each do better than the other?


@kzk Well, you may have asked the wrong person to describe the difference. Does “it sounds better” count? If pushed I’d say it’s more muscular. There’s more presence. That’s about as close as I am going to get. I’m one of those people who knows what sound I am chasing and when I’ve moved the dial in the right direction. The 250 most definitely moved me in the right direction.

Keeping in the theme of buying used, the 250 I purchased was used. Four years-old. It is definitely a 9/10. It also has the original tubes in it. So, the only breaking in is really me, not the Amp. I’ll be swapping in some PCC88’s in a month or so after I get used to it.


Cool thx

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I am hanging my head down in shame as I write this,… I may have been root cause.

I think I plugged in the trigger while the BHK Pre and the 250 were both on. I have walked through the sequence of events a number of times and I can’t rule out this nagging suspicion.

I have replaced the fuse with a generic 2A slow blow, turned the 250 on/off several times (not in a row) over the course of several hours, and also let it run for over 30 hours without issue. I’m fairly certain it was me.

No shame here.

The good news is it appears there us nothing wrong.


I was very relieved that it was just a fuse. James is sending me an original spec fuse which I will install once it arrives. I’m pretty sure I won’t be installing aftermarket fuses. Instead, I have decided to start over with foundational elements.

To me quality equipment stands or a cabinet (in my case) and quality power are foundational if you are serious about this hobby.

I have my cabinet and P10 sorted so now I have my eyes on some bulk limited edition Furutech 10, 12, and 14ga power cable and Furutech rhodium plated connectors to build custom power cords. I will be able to make each cable the exact lengths I need, keeping everything tidy. I like clean, organized cabling. I have all Transparent Audio power cords now, but I know that I can build far better. I will be selling the Transparent cables once the others are built to help defray the cost.

After this I will make DC cables. I may be using Cardas cable for these.


A good path to follow. I, too, find stands and power are critically important.

The service @jamesh provides is unsurpassed. While a fuse is a small thing, I am certain you will feel better having the correct value installed once again.


That’s what fuses are for, haha. (but you should still hang your head in shame for at least an hour, but then forget about it – well, don’t totally forget about it - don’t do it again - but yeah, go on with your music listening, haha)


Forgive this additional question but I am consumed with amp comparisons and will be in the market soon so soliciting any feedback I can get as well as doing all the listening comparisons that I can. With BHK not at dealers that makes hard to compare.

So anyway, my question for you is:

You’ve owned BHK 250, Parasound JC5, and Parasound A21+, if I understand correctly, and you rank them in that order for sound quality.

Question: Is the JC5 closer in sound quality to the (better in your mind) BHK 250, or closer to the (worse in your mind) A21+, or right in the middle (about halfway between the two)?

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@kzk - Unfortunately, I am the wrong person to give you a clear, intelligible review of the differences between the three of these amps.

Just focusing on the 250, JC 5, and the a21+ I’d have to say that I haven’t had the 250 long enough to make a completely fair assessment. But I can tell you that so far the soundstage is deeper and wider. In my room, with all of it’s variables, there’s a more distinct understanding of where the instruments are situated and subtle sounds like a cow bell, or a brush stroke that I don’t recall hearing prior.

But, If you are interested in bang for your buck, the a21+ is the one to beat. It’s built like a tank, the connections on the back are excellent quality. It has the same speaker terminals as the JC 5, and they are awesome. It has plenty of low end, and vocals are very, very good. I’ve been listening to it in a near-field configuration in my office. It sounds fantastic. It’s almost like wearing headphones but not quite. There have been plenty of times where I’ve sat a my desk and thought to myself “this is the best audio I’ve ever heard”. Of course all these comments are subjective and really depend a lot on the rest of your gear. My snowflake systems change out frequently and often. I have what I call “my library” of components that I like and am generally reluctant to part with. There’s just something about the way FM sounds coming from it that I really like.

I am certain this didn’t answer your question. I am not an audio reviewer. I can however help you build an Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) computer system to host 80K simultaneous Healthcare workers who work on prem and remotely with multiple layers of business continuity running in two separate data centers simultaneously… :wink:


Okay cool thanks. So I’m guessing by Thanksgiving you’ll have worked your way up to jc1+ in one system and bhk300 in other, right? ; )

Thanks again

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Interestingly I think I am going to head towards Class A power exclusively for the next major iteration. Most likely a pair of Pass Labs XA100.8 or XA160.8. But that won’t be until next year. In the meantime I have other hobbies that need my attention. And I think we are going to get another dog, so there’s going to be a lot of time focused on training.


Dogs are priceless friends…Class A will be around for quite sometime
dogs will love you back big time…

Class A well they get warm but can’t warm heartedly wag it’s tail tease and
cajole you…like that waggle tailed character !!

Bets wishes…