BHK 250 speaker plugs

Hi all,

my amp is a BHK 250 and my speakers verity audio parsifal ovation. They match perfectly to my taste.
My speaker cables are DIY made of 3 runs (actually 3 runs red and 3 run black) of neotech occ bulk cables of 3 different gauge, in order to both reach a small impedance (I have long runs) and to address the possible skin effect in the highs.
My speaker shave mono amplification connections. So far I connected together the 3 cable runs at the speaker side and at the amp side as well, using only one of the speaker outputs available at the amp back. Yesterday I tried to separate the cables at the amp side. The cable with the bigger section plugged at the lower plug of the amp, the two other cables at the upper plug of the amp.
I expected no change in the sound restitution but there was noticable changes:

  • stereo image much more focused at the center
  • smoother and maybe cleaner high mids
  • more bass (between 50-100Hz I think), two much actually, because it hides the lower bass

Can some of you explain this difference?
From a pure technical point of view, what should be the best : all my cables connected to a single speaker output, or split and connected to the two speaker ouputs?


Interesting setup and I like the fact you’re ex[erimenting with different cables and methods of connection.

I shouldn’t imagine there’s any technical difference between the two setup ways and yet you heard a difference. Perhaps separating them with individual connectors somehow acted like more of a home run connection? I am just guessing because I cannot think of any good technical reasons why.

thank you for your answer Paul!
I imagined that there could be some difference if the amp output are not directly connected together inside the amp. There could be a matter of damping factor or I don’t know.

But I understand that there is no technical reason for the system to behave differently with the two setup. Yet I don’t think this is a psychological effect because there is indeed a bass bump with the split.setup. And actually I don’t use connectors, cables are plugged naked.

Then it must be something like what happens when we go to a star grounding/wiring system where one gets a bit of isolation.