BHK 250 Amp Speaker cable and XLR cable Recomendations. What is everyone using?

Just looking for some speaker cable and XLR cable recommendation. What is everyone using?

Belden Iconoclast TPC speaker cables and balanced interconnects from DS DAC to BHK Pre to BHK 250 to Wilson Sophia 3’s. Works great for me (and there is a new improved version of the interconnects).

I’ve been happy with much more budget friendly Belden 1800F interconnects with Neutrik NC3-B connectors from Blue Jeans cable, along with Canare 4S11 terminated with locking bananas for speaker cable.

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I use Siltech 330i, 550i and 330L cables. I’m pleased with them.

When I bought Zu Audio speakers, I was so pleased with them that I tried their Event interconnects. Now I use all their xlr inters, speaker cable and I’m a big fan.

What is you budget and for how many cables and how long. Otherwise the suggestions will me all over the price map quickly.

No Budget yet wanted to see what was being used regardless of budget. Also just interested in seeing if there was any correlation between what everyone is using and a specific construction type. I had a budget for the AMP and well the BHK would have never made it.

Nothing fancy at this point. I have Zenwave Audio XLR from DAC to Pre (local mfg.) But run AQ Diamondback from Pre to 250. Transparent Musicwave speaker cable.

Triode Wire Labs.

One other addition to Siltech. Shunyata makes great speaker cables that are under radar and their Interconnects are good too. I have a pair of Venom speaker cables that I refuse to part with and I use them for the bottom of a triwire speaker setup.

I’d like to second Blue Jeans Cables. I’m using their speaker cables and interconnects exclusively throughout my setup. Nothing but great sound and the price point is very affordable for such high-quality stuff. Balanced interconnects are used between the DAC, pre and power amp, and single-ended for turntable and phono stage.

Full setup: a BHK pre, DS Sr. DAC, Benchmark AHB2 amp and PSB T3 speakers as well as a vintage Mitsubishi turntable w/Ortofon 2M Black cart and Lounge LCR Mk.3 phono stage. Power are a couple of CyberPower sinewave UPS.

I’ve recently purchased a BHK 250 to pair with my BHK pre and haven’t had a chance to try all the speaker cables I own yet. I used LAT International 100Mk. II for a while and that is a great cable if you are into detail and dynamics. Quite inexpensive compared to most too. I’ve followed many of the discussions on Audiogon and other forums about the virtues of vintage Western Electric and new manufacture Duelund stranded tinned cable in cotton dielectrics. The longtime Audiogon contributor “Grannying” recommended a really under the radar 80’s-90’s manufactured 10 gauge Western Electric tinned fine stranded copper cable in cotton jacket as being a very musical cable that replaced many other high buck speaker cables in his system. We seem to share similar tastes in reproduction so I gave that cable a try and I have to say I’m really pleased with it. At $60.00 for an eight foot pair plus an hour of your time to prepare it, this cable is amazing. It may not have the frequency extension of some cables but it sounds more like music does when you are in a live concert hall 10 rows back from the orchestra stage.

Setup: BHK 250 amp and preamp, Tidal Piano Cera speakers, JL Audio F112 sub, RCM Sensor phono pre, Acoustic Signature Final Tool turntable w Grado Master Statement, Luxman D-05 SACD, PS Audio P300 rebuilt by Cullen Circuits for BHK pre, Audience Ar1p for Luxman and RCM, Luminous Audio Synchestra Reference interconnects, various Wireworld, Mojo Audio, and Furutech power cables.