BHK 300 Amplifier - Tubes Replaced

I own a pair of BHK 300 mono block amplifiers. Purchased from a nice fellow a month or so ago. I hooked them up and got them working and sounding great. I also purchased a new matched set of gold lion 6922 tubes and replaced the original tubes in hopes that the sound would be better. Well, it sounded pretty harsh but I decided to leave them in hoping that they’d mellow out. That’s been a couple weeks now. I played some music on Friday and it sounded really bad so I put the original tubes back in and now they sound great.

My question is: Should I have left them in longer and allow them to mellow or do you think I got a bad set of tubes. I hate to think that when the originals go bad that I have go rely on them for the best sound possible. Thoughts? Should I just purchase tubes from PS Audio or find some alternatives?

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In my totally different piece of gear a new pair of reissue gold lion 6922s
were bright harsh gritty from the beginning. Even after several months
they barely melowed out.

This particular gear is an AH4000cdp with upsampler which is known to be
a very mellow but very dimensional and detailed…The Ah 4000 and upsampler
were designed by the good folks that also design Prima Luna gear.

Said all this to help give you perspective…However this may not hold true
for all gold lion 6922s, just my set and yours.


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You most likely have a bad tube in the set you swapped in. The tubes that PSA supplies usually are really good. You can also just leave the set of tubes in that came with the amps and enjoy the music!

I will definitely leave the original tubes in. They sound great. Now, I just need to get a set as a backup. I don’t think these will work given my current experience and that of Davida.


Just as a point of reference I recently installed a new set of BHK 300 amps and they have been glorious sounding from day one.


Congratulations :tada:

Two thumbs up for me!