BHK 300 Gets Some TAS Love

This 300W (into 8 ohms) hybrid (tube input stage/MOSFET output stage) monoblock is the distillation of all that celebrated electronics designer Bascom H. King has learned about amplifier circuits. The result is a component so rich, natural, and highly resolving that reviewer Anthony H. Cordesman bought the review samples. A genuine masterpiece from an old master. AHC, 259


Very nice

Good to see they acknowledged a great design! What I found surprising a while back in the next lower price category (less than $10k) there was no mention of the BHK250. At half the price and (I’m taking a rough stab) 95% of the performance of the 300s, the 250 should have gotten a mention. Not much of a fan of TAS (or Stereophile) any more but good to see some positive press for PS Audio. Congrats Paul, (the late) BHK, and the rest of the crew!

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Reading this made me think back to the time I was following the development of the bhk250/300.

At that point I was buying a 250. I had no need for the monoblocks or the extra 50 watts.

Then I read Paul’s post about the sound of monoblocks and how surprised they were when they listened to a pair that rolled off the production line.

I remember thinking, “oh great, now it’s going to cost me double!”

The photo that went with the award is of a BHK250. As far as I know, they look the same from the front except for the lettering but still a minor oops.