Bhk 250 or 300 on efficient speakers

Current setup:
Musical fidelity MX-DAC
Uptone audio JS2 & ISO Regen
BHK Preamp w/orange fuse
Pass Labs XA25 w/orange fuse
Yamaha FX-1 ( 94db, 100w )

I was pretty happy with the setup and after finding the right tubes I went ahead and put my Yamaha b2 back in the loop and it does so many things right that the pass just doesn’t, pass is still cleaner in highs and a little more open but that could be the stock power cord that is built into the b2 vs the pass which is using the AC12 and without tearing it down and figuring how to change it I really wouldn’t know. but everything else on the b2 is stellar. so it got me thinking maybe I should try something else and wouldn’t know you know there’s a sale going on right now, dammit all… I have a bunch of vintage gear that I’ve acquired to go towards ps audio’s upgrade program ( thats how they got me with the pre ). The pass labs is 25w which for my listening space is more then enough, I’m torn between the bhk 250 & 300. I’m a little worried on what the amps draw as some have mentioned needing to run them off there own circuit. Monoblocks have always been an interest of mine is it worth getting the 300 vs the 250 or would the 250 be better suited ?

300’s give better imaging.

If either are an option for you and you have the space, go for the mono’s. Paul admits they are a step up from the 250. Why dilly around only to wish you went bigger/better later. Plus, someday you may want to use less efficient speakers.

How else can I help you spend more $$$


P.S. I have a very small listening space and I use the 300s. Granted my speakers are not considered “efficient” but I do not feel in any way I have over done it.

When PS Audio had a BHK sale a few years ago, the dealer convinced me to go for the 300’s. I’m glad he did. It stopped the inevitable “upgraditis” from getting ahold of me.

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The 300s are a big step up! I love the 250 I have at home but would definitely have gone for 300s if it had been practical for the space I have. (real estate is damn expensive in Boulder)

I just ran over to MR II (IRS 5) and cranked some Zeppelin. The BHK300s are sharing 1 P20 and they are the only thing on that P20. When I was really crakin’ it, the wattage draw never really went above 400w. Running these puppies on their own circuit is great, but not absolutely needed.

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Agree with all above- love my 300s- but have not heard a 250 so my opinion is half baked

I had a BHK 250 first. Great amp but the 300’s are in a another league. Most Mono’s are. Once you go mono there is not going back

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How much amplifier power do you need?

Here’s a link to the best tool I know to help guide you to a useful, realistic answer.

SPL CALCULATOR : SPL at listening position

BHK300’s in my system coast at under 1watt 95% of the time or more. Occasionally, and for very brief periods (mostly orchestral crescendos) they may have to “stretch” to 100 watts. Which for the 300’s, is no stretch at all.