BHK 300 tube glow

Is it normal to have an orange glow in the area of the tubes in my BHK 300 amps when they are in standby?
Thanks in advance.

The tubes filaments orange glow will go dark in standby mode.
The reddish warning LED will stay lit both in standby and on mode.


Thanks. I didn’t know there was an LED in there. Warning of what?

Tubes operate at potentially dangerous high voltage levels.
Don’t attempt to change the tubes until the red LED goes dark.


It is a status light. Nothing to which we need as users to pay attention.

Ok, thanks very much. Now I’m complete.

I believe the previous reply was correct. The RED light is there for safety. It indicates high voltages may still be present, as it stays lit for some time after removing power.

Nice explanation. It clears everything up.

From the owners manual:


“Before proceeding further - the RED LED in the tube compartment must be off. If the.LED is lit, wait for it to go out. THE LED when lit indicates the presence of high voltage.”