Popping when powered down

Not a big deal, but my BHK system now gives me a startling pop when I power it down after a listen. didn’t used to and plays fine other than that, does it if its cd or phono, so I’m pretty sure its amp or pre. any Ideas ?

One word. “Tubes”

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Is your amp a BHK 250 or 300? The tubes in my 250 do not last very long before they start to do exactly that! I just ordered another set for my amp. It is most likely in the amp and not the preamp.

I suspected tubes, i do have the 250, my first tube set up, they dont have a ton of hrs on them but are almost two years old. thanks for the tip.

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BHK300’s/tubes about 430 hours.

About 400 hours in started hearing a pop through right channel only when pressing MUTE on & off on Audio Research LS28 preamp. Similar issue with previous tubes - that time POP heard through left channel only, which reached the point where the amp would go into protection & shut down. About a week ago the POP stopped. Pleased but not sure what to think about that.

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I had the same problem with popping, one of my new Genalex gold lion tubes had failed after only three months of use.

I’m going to guess tubes as well. I’d try the amps first, but ultimately you may want to swap all of them.

Thanks to all, the new tubes went in yesterday, problem solved. FYI, I purchased my amp and pre 2 years five months ago, I would put an estimate at 1000 hrs of use. I can live with that they sound fantastic and I am very satisfied with them.


Glad the tubes worked. Thanks for keeping us posted!