BHK 300 with Revel salon 2

I’m looking to purchase a pr of Revel salon 2 speakers.
I own a pr of 300 amps will these drive the salon 2?
They’re rated at 86 dB but aren’t considered a difficult load to drive.

I am certain they will work wonderfully for you.

Revel Salon 2 not my cup of tea. I heard them demo’d at a local dealer and I thought they were very mediocre, and over-priced by about double for their performance.

How much is your budget for new speakers?

I’m not interested in personal opinions about how good one feels the salon speaker is or do I need someone’s advice on what they feel is a better speaker.
My question was will the BHK 300 have any problems driving the Salon 2 ?

No problem at all BHK driving that speaker.

If you are still asking about driving the Salon 2s. I own Salon 2s and run them from an Ayre VX-5 Twenty. Absolutely amazing sound with plenty of headroom for highly dynamic classical and jazz music. Indeed, if you look at your user manual, you will see that Revel says that you don’t need massive power to run these speakers at ear splitting distortion free levels. With respect, people who say otherwise probably have not heard the Salon 2. Thé BHKs will will supply more than enough power.

I know you don’t want opinions of what to get but I can’t help myself. PS audios new speakers will obviously be a perfect match for the BHKs which I also own. If I were in the market for a speaker I’d definitely have the new AN3 on my very short list.

BTW the BHK 300’s positively make my Tad cr1’s sing, and they have the same sensitivity as the Salons.

Yes I agree that they are not difficult to drive. I drive my Salon 2’s with BHK 300’s and no sense of strain at all.

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