BHK 300

Paul McGowan said

He uses them for his main 2-channel setup and not his HT, though there are quite a number of people using 300s in their theaters. They are excellent for both.

Hi Paul, I am now ready to place an order for the BHK 300. I am going to buy 2 of them for the front channels and then when I can afford to I will add a another 300 for my center channel. My question for you is, I have 3 dedicated 20 amp circuits in my system. How many of the 300 would you keep on the same circuit? I am trying to avoid any ground loops. Thanks.

In my system, I too have multiple dedicated runs but I run the two 300s off a single P10 Power Plant plugged into only one of them. Thing is, you won’t be drawing much current even at the loudest, so all three into one circuit is fine.

milmaker1 said

Hi I am getting ready to purchase the BHK 300 mono blocks. I have the Goldenear Triton Ones along with the Marantz 8802a preamp. Unfortunately there is no dealers close to me. The closest one is four hours away. So I am trying to read all reviews that I can find, there is a couple , but not a lot. So I am reaching to members that have these amps to find out if anybody is using these on the Triton Ones, to see if they are a good match together. I also was wondering if anybody is using these amps for home theater as well, or are these amps better suited for music only? I read an article about tube amps not being good for home theater usage, but it didn’t mention anything about hybrid amps. So I would appreciate it if some members would let me know if they are using these amps for home theater as well, and how do they perform for that duty. Thanks for the help.

I use them for my dedicated 2-channel and HT setup. In HT operation, they slay it and seem to be more inline with the overall cohesiveness of a HT experience vs. what I swapped out from, McIntosh MC452. The MC452 was very “bursty” in passages while watching movies. My room has been treated and there’s a mild form of room correctness with my HT pre. Prior to the 300’s, I would often have to get up and turn the sub down/up or go in to the settings and change the level settings on the center channel, to bring it more in line with the R/L channels. Drove my wife insane. After the 300’s were in, I re-ran the Audessy program and haven’t touched a single level since. So, I would say they work quite well in a HT setup.

Thanks for the response. Are you using a 300 for your center channel as well? Also what amps are you using for your surrounds and atmos channels? Thanks again.

I do not have a 300 for my center, tempting though! I use a B&K 200.7 to drive everything else.