BHK 300 for home theater

Hello everyone

Have become a big fan with PS Audio since a year ago when getting the BHK 250. Then follow by BHK preamp / DAC mk2 / P12 power plant / air lens

I use the system for music / movie (around 50/50 ). I have a trinnov 16 processor and an ATI 544 amp for the center channel (bi-amp as support by trinnov) and the 2 surround channel. BHK 250 for the mains

Now I target to buy the BHK 300 pair and thinking whether I should sell my BHK250 or using it to drive my center speaker (bi-amp) …

I am using JBL array 1400 as main and array 880 as center which do require quite a lot of power to drive it good ….

Any suggestion / comment regarding my BHK 250 vs ATI 544 for center speaker ? Thank

My native language is not English so please excuse my poor English


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Hello and congratulations on the system, truly impressive.
However, I was assessing the power handling of your center channel speaker.
The JBL Array 880 claims a power handling into an 8-ohm load of “only” 200 watts.
A BHK 250 delivers a minimum of 250 watts for 2 channels, so you would be sending a minimum of 500 watts to your center speaker.
OK, your Trinnov will certainly perform an impeccable setup, but the PS Audio could even be disproportionate for this speaker.

Have you ever thought about getting a third JBL Array 1400 to have a homogeneous LCR front?

Man, I would keep the 250. Never been a fan of the ATI “sound” especially for the single most important speaker in a HT setup. Just my two cents worth.


Why not just try it? If not to your liking, you may still sell the BHK250. Otherwise: be happy!

I used to run a PS Audio based home theater…had 300s on my mains and a M700 running my center…it would be sweet to run three 300s across the front or if you can, run the 250 in mono or bi-amp the center with it…

I would have taken three BHK 300 with three JBL Array 1400s. :joy:

Thank … but no space for a third array 1400

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Thank Paul … my honor for me to have a response from you. Thank for the great products !

I am from Hong Kong and the local dealer give me an offer to ‘buy’ my BHK 250 when they deliver the BHK 300s for me so practically no chance to ‘try’ that out for the comparison

Me too, to be honest, but I wasn’t sure that’s an option for him. He could easily rade up the 250 to a 300 and have one of the great systems of all time.

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This is not the specific case, but three BHK 600 with three FR30s. :drooling_face: :star_struck:

Today my ordered BHK300 and P20 arrived … completing my PS Audio family for music and movies … setting them up now

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is it easy to break in to lift the goodies