Stellar M700 with Goldenear Triton Reference - Sweet!

M700’s Rock. I don’t post much, but thought I needed to. Very happy with my full PS Audio stack. DirectStream DAC and Transport were the first - stunning! Next came BHK Signature Pre-amp - wow! Now upgrade to M700 Amps. They are really special - especially considering cost and ergonomics. I assume the BHK250 would sound more amazing, and be a better fit for my system. But i saved a good bit of $, and with NO HEAT, and no size/weight to deal with.

I have tried many amps with my T Refs - M700 blow so many away. Now, i am not sure i can ever justify dealing with hot and heavy amps.

Right now I see no reason to ever upgrade Amps - I may need to try out DS Powerplant in future…

Thank you Paul and PS Audio!


The 700s are one of, if not the best value amps I have ever had the pleasure to hear and (or) own.

I’m not sure why anyone has a heat concern with the 250 (meaning it does not seem to produce enough heat to affect much of anything in my experience) but big and heavy is a factor especially in comparison to the 700s.

GE makes some great speakers and I’m sure the 700s and the Ref. is an awesome combination. I’m not sure you would ever need to upgrade either. I have never heard the refs, they look much better than the old T1 and I assume sound great too. Happy listening!

Woo Hoo! Indeed, M700s rock and you do as well. Thanks for the kind words.

rschulte59, Hi, just checking in to see how the M700/GETritonRefs combo is sounding 9 months later? I have a demo scheduled to listen to the Triton Refs next week, and own the DSD and M700s driving B&W Matrix 801 series 3s which I am looking to replace with the Triton’s or KEF Reference 1’s or 3s. Have you compared? May i ask how much importance you assign to the BHK Pre-amp in your system? The speaker upgrade will be huge, what does the BHK bring to the Triton’s in your view? Thanks so much, i appreciate your perspective. J1 in Houston


I love my GE Trefs! I know they can keep up with any system upgrade i throw at them. For the money, what a speaker. I have never heard KEFs.

I replaced Gallo 3.5, Magnepan 1.7, GE Triton 1 with my TRefs

i am sure the GE Triton 1R is a great speaker too, and a bargain. A bit easier to move around too.

I did like the M700’s, but felt I needed a better amp - it was the least expensive part of my system.

So - i went to BHK250. big improvement, but to be honest i thought it might even be more.

good question on preamp - it would be interesting to take it out of system now and see how it sounds - and pretty easy to do i suppose. i did it with some other equipment so dont know what it is responsible for, sound wise. maybe i will try removing it, and if so i will let you know.

Replacing Tubes in both pre and amp was a big improvement, as where power cords all around. Cullen power cord is great for the money.

BHK250 is a beast, i may notice its heat this summer.

not sure i answered your question - other than you can not go wrong with GE Triton Ref or the new 1R.

save rest of money for ISOAcoustics, PC’s etc etc.

High praise. I love my 3.1s.

rschulte59, thanks for the analysis, I may end up with the Triton One’s, like you, I’d like to get a good match for the amps, and this may be my last speaker, so i’d like to get it right. Active speakers are the future and the Triton’s are half there. Kef Ref 3 demo was very good and Terry Ellis has done them justice on PursuitPerfectSystem/youtube using PS Audio gear. The TritonOnes are a third the cost of the Kef but the Kef’s project the soundstage forward into the room while the DSD/BHK/Stellar/Triton’s expand a defined soundstage behind the system from what I know, and similar to my current system. Undecided on the BHK Preamp unless the Triton’s benefit from the Pre’s tubes, I’m content to upgrade the speakers first. Maggie 3.7i with it’s airy soundstage is attractive to my ears also. I used to be a hard rock guy, Paul’s 1972 interview of Dave Byron/Mick Box/Ken Hensely of Uriah Heep stunned me as I saw them a dozen times in 72-74, total groupie and Hensely still lives minutes from where I grew up in PA. Bass not as important today as I now listen to jazz, classical, opera, and looking for the speaker that enables those genres to come alive. All connects, cables and power are AnalysisPlus which were the last big upgrade. Will keep you in the loop on Triton demo. Thanks again.