BHK Pre and Power on the Way - REL Subwoofer Question


Yeah, I know I will be forgetting to turn the amp to standby after waiting for 30min to roll by. So I will go watch TV in the bedroom and forget. Wake up in the middle of the night and turn the amp to standby. I thought I was so slick, like I invented penicillin… too funny… :sunglasses:


So, I just turned off the Roon and read an audiophile magazine for 30min and boom, the REL subs go into standby. About 30s apart. I then went over and placed the BHK250 and BHK Preamp in standby. Zero hum at any level. Looks like I found a solution that works. Now I have to train the monkey (me) to make sure I rinse and repeat every evening. I just have to turn the amp & preamp on in the morning and I do that before my coffee. I could have shut off the pre 30min ago; however, using the pre tube hrs for the amp tube hrs to so I turn them on/off at the same time, every time. I replaced the tubes for both and added dampeners at the same time over the holidays. I like to know the tube life in hrs…


Yeah, if I had tubes I would be the same way. I am really glad that is going to work out, one less thing to worry about.


Is there a way to use the 12v triggers from any of the other components to turn the subs off?


I don’t believe so for my subs, don’t know about Veneet’s subs. My REL S3/SHO subs have a standby auto that senses the signal level and automatically turns on when it is above a certain level or below a certain level. One way to control them is as Veneet does, using the P20 in a zone approach…


You can also eliminate hum by using the REL HT-Air kit to remote the sub to any location without cabling restrictions.
It takes RCA Input from your pre-amp or DSD, RF to the receiver, and RCA Out to the sub.


I wasn’t sure. Just trying to eliminate having to remember anything. I have to automate as much in my life as possible due to encroaching memory issues.


Yeah, as Cadri said, I have the T9i (2 of them), so I have to use the zone feature, which with so many outlets on the P20 its not big deal, even on the P10 it wasn’t so bad either, I put the subs in the HC outlets (zone 5) and don’t worry, the only other big HC thing is my amp which is in a zone on its own.

The remote automates it, but, like I said I need to make an activity for 2channel only as I don’t need the TV and OPPO and stuff


Right you are - the approach I used just connected the amp GND (RCA connector) to the unused RCA on the REL S3/SHO. This got rid of the hum during full BHK250 operation. However, the BHK amp disconnects during standby and you would get the humming if you kept the REL sub on as the BHK250 goes to standby. My approach for BHK standby is to use the auto standby feature of the REL sub. Turn off the Roon; wait 30min for REL sub amp standby to kick in and then turn off the BHK250. It seems to work like a champ. In the morning, I just turn on the BHK250 along w/ BHK Preamp and start using Roon, when the signal reaches the specified REL standby to on level, the sub amplifier turns on. The only downside is turning Roon off for more than 30min during the day. However, if it does, not big deal, turn Roon back on and subs come to life…