BHK Pre / DSD - stack or not stack?

Hey everyone

Just wondering what everyone’s views are on stacking the BHK pre & DSD? I’m generally a fan of keeping things separate but running out of space so keen to understand if anyone has had any issues - noise etc - with stacking the two units?

I too ran out of space. I parked my Stellar Phono on my BHK Preamp. Works just fine.



Fantastic looking rig!!! I just got a matrix and loving it.

I’m not an expert but I thought the top on the DSD sr can be removed so the BHK pre can sit on top of it. Maybe James or Paul can verify.

Looking beautiful as always Watchdog!! It is completely fine to stack the BHK pre on top of the DSD. It’d be best if you could keep them side to side or a little more separated, but if they are stacked, you won’t have to worry about RF interference or heat issues. Obviously BHK on top of DSD though. The DAC and the transport’s feet were designed to have the feet taken off in order for to look a little more flush, but I’ve never really seen the need for that. :man_shrugging:

Hi James, How much room for ventilation should be utilized for the top of the BHK pre?


Anything more than an inch is just fine. As long as the thing above it isn’t a big source of heat, it’ll be no problem.

Thank you James

I have a similar situation. I have the DS arriving tomorrow and fresh out of real estate, wondering if I can place the BHK Pre on top of the Stellar Phono.

The Stellar Phono has a smaller footprint. I have mine on top of my BHK Preamp. Works fine

Yeah, it’s a little frustrating as I think the feet on the BHK pre just barely don’t fit on the Stellar. If you can make it work, Stellar on DSD would be perfect.

I’ll try that . Def do not want anything on the BHK Pre for a couple reasons; want to keep it pristine, more importantly probably best to let it breath.

That’s it. Of all three of these pieces, I’d want the BHK pre to be open.

The BHK won’t fit on top of the Stellar Phono. The BHK Vents are at the back. That’s all that needs to be given venting. Any modest scuffing will be easily removed with gentle buff. The Lacquer lids are scratch magnets. All the effort in the world won’t prevent them.

Yeah they are. I still have the plastic wrap over my AMP. My equipment looks like the unused living room of so many Italian Nonna’s.

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I used to be like that too. I stopped when I decided that all I was doing was making it perfect for the next owner.

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Agreed. I got tired of the gear looking like it was only in my home temporarily. It looks so much better now!

Stacked the Phono on top of the DS…I did place down a thin absorbent layer in between to protect the dac’s hood…Couldn’t help myself.