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Just acquired the BHK pre, but all three shelves of my stereo rack have components sitting on them. DMP on the top shelf, DSD in the middle, and BHK 250 on the bottom. So for now I’ll need to stack two components. The DMP is best suited remaining on the top shelf for easier access, and BHK 250 definitely stays on the bottom shelf. The preamp should go on the middle shelf, to keep ic lenghts as short as possible. Now just need to decide if I should stack the preamp on top of the DSD on the middle shelf, or stack the DSD and DMP on the top shelf, and if so, decide which one on goes on too of the other one. Ideally I’d like to have a shelf for each component so it can sit on its own isolation footers, but for now, has anyone discovered that stacking components a certain way has a sonic advantage? Is it best to separate the DMP from the DSD? And if you do stack them together, which one should go on top?

The BHK Pre gets pretty warm. I’d give it its own shelf. While the DMP/DSD stacking order may depend more on how accessible the DMP’s drawer is when it’s on top, consider putting the DSD on the bottom to allow shorter cables. I’ve not noticed a difference in SQ in the stacking order of the DMP/DSD.

@Gary_M - @Peanut_Butter is exactly right. The first time I stacked the BHKPRE it got very, very warm and I posted about it somewhere. You need at least 3in space on top as a minimum… I would stack the DSD on top of the DMP because I play it ~25% if that and DSD all the time. Yeah, BHK250 bottom, BHKPRE in middle shelf if that shelf has at least 3in above, then probably DMP w/ DSD above cause the DMP should have a very stable base with a disc spinning. That will get you short XLRs to the BHK250 and the DSD XLR should reach (assume 1m). There is nothing mechanical about the DSD so DMP on bottom. Unless your XLR cables are short. Mine use to be 70cm so I had to really think through rack configurations using VISIO (drawing package) scaled to make sure I don’t make a bad choice…

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Good point on separating the pre due to temperature considerations. I was considering placing the pre on top of the DSD on the middle shelf, but I would imagine there’s a fair amount of heat radiating from the bottom of it as well.
And placing the DSD on the bottom with the DMP makes sense, in order to keep ic lenghts as short as possible, unless for some reason the DMP benefits more from being on the bottom, and sitting on the ceramic cones I have.

It’s tough being an OCD audiophile.

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@Gary_M - that is a tough choice. If was a cable issue, DSD on bottom for sure. Either DSD or DMP generates very little heat. Yeah, I think about it a little and DSD on bottom would work fine.

Have you thought about rolling the tubes?

No way! I’m obsessing enough with component placement, and another set of interconnects and power cable. If I had to think about tube rolling now I might have to check myself into the asylum.
A new power cable and set of interconnects show up tomorrow, then I can start breaking everything in. Want to live with the stock tubes for a while before introducing another variable.

One more OCD question. When stacking PSA components, is it better to leave the rubber feet on, or remove them? Space is not a consideration on the top shelf, just concerned about sound quality.

The units are designed to fit together securely with the feet on the top unit removed. Just don’t lose them.

If you have the space you might want to consider placing a set of VooDoo Iso-Pods in between the stacked components.

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@Gary_M - this is how I removed all my feet. Just need to keep track. Also, adding Voodoo isopods lift the unit about 1.25in and Isoacoustic pads are 1.40in. I have both. The Voodoo isopods are waiting for my P20 when I reconfigure my rack in a week or two. I would stick with the stacking approach as @Peanut_Butter indicated. I will be moving my BHKPRE above the P20 since my new OCC XLR cables are 3ft instead of 70cm. The BHKPRE shelf is 7.5in and the BHKPRE top is about 4.5in after the Isoacoustic Bronze. I have been operating the BHKPRE for about a month in that configuration so 3in above is good.


OK, Mr OCD Plus here: I had to stack my DMP on top of my DSD Sr. I almost needed therapy over it, but then I realized I couldn’t hear any difference at all. Well, actually, once I thought it sounded a little dull, but then I sneezed and it was sparkling again.
And I removed the feet just for the bit of extra space although that’s not necessary. The pair are sitting on VooDoo Isopods.


LOL! Glad there’s a special place like this for all us inmates to hang. It’s comforting knowing I’m not the only OCD audio nut.

Is the yellow antique car a special RF shielding device for your dac?

@Gary_M - It is a tribute car for my son that passed away when he was 8 years old. I designed and built the real 32 Deuce Coupe. When I work on my Deuce, I where these special work shop cloths to remember how much he loved speed racer. The Deuce is a 383 stroker w/ 6V-71 Blower Shop blower. A TCI street fighter 4 speed w/ Wavetrack rear end…


Sorry I hear about your son.

That’s quite a tribute! I’m not a car buff, but that’s an amazing vehicle you’ve designed and built, impressive.

Stacked the DMP on top of the DSD, after removing the feet, and the world didn’t come to an end. At first I thought things sounded a little off, but that was probably due to the equipment being unplugged for a length of time while I rearranged things. A few hrs later and all is well. I actually like the way the two units look nestled together.

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I received a new set of ic’s and power cord for my new preamp today. The .7 meter length of ic was long enough to go from the pre to the amp, but not long enough to go from the DSD to the amp, for the purposes of A Bing my current ic to the new Audio Sensibility ic. So I reorientated the stack back to how I had it originally. DMP on the top shelf, DSD on the middle shelf, and amp on the bottom, then placed the pre on top of the DSD. I listened to this arrangement without the pre connected, and it does sound slightly better than having the DSD and DMP stacked together on the top shelf. Having the DMP and DSD with the DH ceramic cones directly underneath them does indeed sound better. Bass is tighter, and images are more well defined. I guess as long as there is not too much heat radiating out of the bottom of the pre, which is stacked on top of the DSD without the feet, I will go with this arrangement.