BHK Pre Headphone Amp

Hi, I looked and couldn’t find anything about the headphone dedicated amplifier built in the BHK Pre. I am using it with audeze headphones, and tried it with some different headphones too, and find It to be amazing. Trying to understand if buying a New dedicated headphone amp like pass hpa1 or the audeze the King would be worth. I have also a schiit mjolnir 2 and think the one built in the pre is better. I am currently using the pre with the Tungsram pcc88 NOS tubes. Thanks!

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I can tell you that the BHK headphone amp was designed and voiced using these very headphones and it is one of the best sounding headphone amplifiers in the world, bar none. You won’t go wrong with this one.

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Do your headphones and speakers agree?

I use the current LCD-2 driven by the BHK, also Senn HD580 from yesteryear. Sounds great. Does it match my speakers, no, because of the room.

I’ve never been a fan of headphones but I do need them for otherwise quiet times. I got a screamin deal on Focal Elear and they’re terrific but I find them to be not believable–if that makes sense.

I hear ya, I’ve been through a number of phones over the years. I always enjoyed my old HD580 the best, and they are comfortable. I don’t care how good they sound, they must be comfortable for me.

The LCD-2 are heavy and large, but with the updated suspended headband are quite comfortable. They sound very real to me.

I enjoy headphones and never understood why others don’t so much. I enjoy my speakers and subs too, I just like the different, very intimate, experience good phones provides. I’ve used crossfeed for two decades and don’t like listening without. I had a Jan Meier amp 20 years ago and I got hooked.

I don’t like closed phones so everyone in the room gets to listen too. :wink:

Hi, I made this question long ago. After that, I sold my ps audio gear. I can open my answer in 2:

  1. Regarding the headphone amp, I can tell you the one included in the BHK is amazing, great detail, great musicality, but not the last word in bass. I tried it with Audeze LCD-2, LCD-XC and LCD-X and found better bass with Burson amps and chord Hugo TT for example. But I can tell you if you want to enjoy music, have great detail, the BHK is amazing with Audeze at least. Tried it with Senn 800 too, and the sinergy was not good for my ears, extremely details and too much treble, but I guess the Senn is to blame in this case.
  2. Regarding my Ps Audio gear, I had BHK Pre and Direcstream Junior DAC (before I had a Perfectwave MKII), and even though I really liked them, I sold them because the sales rep down here where I live in Argentina, is a bastard. It´s a pitty as PS Audio is an amazing brand with amazing Customer Service in the US, but we have to deal directly with this bastard in the country so people try to avoid the brand down here as they know they will have to deal with this shame if they have any issue with a ps audio product.

I hear what you’re saying, but the b word has never been used in the forum here before, and it might get frowned upon in our community minded spirit.

I doubt we will get any complaints. :slight_smile:

An unfortunate situation.

Great headphone amp review.