Help - What headphones would you recommend for my new BHK Preamplifier?

I lack some good earphones for my ear and my new machine…
Thanks…more lover from Denmark

I currently use Focal Utopia’s. I am very addicted to the way Utopia’s render music, especially vocals. I also had most of the HiFiMan range. the Edition X, HE1000 V1 and V2’s. In the end it come down to whether you like the presentation of Dynamic drivers ie Focal or Planar Drivers, ie HiFiMan. Both companies are my favourites and both have a range of headphones that will match your price points. You should be able to find a place to audition these. Take your favourite music as both seem to favour different music. My listening is mainly female vocals. Utopia’s excel at this. Whereas Planar’s are also good with classical.

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The headphone amplifier in the BHK will drive almost any headphone (except for extreme examples such as the Susvara).

Thus shop for headphones with a sound coloration you enjoy. (Headphones, like speakers, are by far the least accurate components in the reproduction chain. All are colored.)

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I just need some input for which to test. I’m well aware of it with colored sound, etc. But input helps to try out new roads. I’m driving the headphones of the second world war lol

They look delicious Focal Utopia, need a strong earphone amplifier, probably enough in my pre amp for them. I can suffer from a long lead because I dance a lot when I hear music. I hear from Tekno to folk lol - and I play loud music.

See, e.g., Head-Fi: click

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I understand the need for a long cable. I use a 4 Meter Silver Cable from Lavricables. They are EU and the cable is excellent. If you don’t want to do the full Utopia spend, Focal makes a full range.

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Moon Audio (the Blue Dragon is a good buy), Cardas, Effect Audio, Forza, ALO, etc. all make very good cable. You can also make your own with 24AWG Canare star quad or similar.

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If using the headphone amp in your BHK is not the main priority, I’d recommend planars… but they all need their own headphone amp afaik. Which is why I don’t see an integrated headphone amp within a high end preamp very meaningful.

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Which planar? and how are you connecting them now? It’s 30 since I’ve had such somebody … lol
What plans? and how are you connecting them now? It’s 30 since I’ve had such somebody … lol.

They from Hungary played well and they were cheap and with suitcase and tube amplifier - ca 1000 usd

Here is my HiFI friend Bent there is listening

I personally use Stax, but I’m sure most other planars are similar. I just prefer them since I first compared.
But I’m sure you know half of all the available the hifi stuff yourself and have more urge to talk than need of advice.

Hopefully all the people you show on your photos are willing to be dropped into forums :wink:

There are no problems with the photos I’m throwing up, they are offensive and it is with permission

No, I have not been interested in that area for over 30 years, that time I had a set of Stax.So I’m a total noob in that area.
There is to shorten the time I need to listen, so I select 3-4 pieces of the proposals and conclude about them as I am in a timely manner. So if I can just hit some of the experts who use headphones often, I’ll really make my work a lot easier. I can not devote time to listening to headphones when I’m at the various HIFI fairs and I’m tired of buying in blind have well 7 sets that are bad. I definitely have something else to spend my time on like to exclude here. We are preparing to move into the summerhouse where we are from 1st April to 31st October and there are several hundred kilometers to the nearest HIFI stores where you can listen to them. There are several HIFI fairs again in a short space of time, two large floor speakers have to be completed to market and depusing master recordings of the Test Sheet. In a short time, the BHK Signature Preamplifier / BHK Signature 250 Amplifier / DirectStream DAC reports must be completed.
So I can only thank the one who throws the suggestions to me. I have asked here as it is a large group with high professional knowledge.

Ok, sorry for my assumption. My Stax, although looking the same as today’s, is too old and I listen to headphones too rarely to be of serious help for you. I can just give the advice to first check if you prefer planars or conventional and then try out which brand you like.

Maybe there are others here who compared a lot of headphones recently.

IMO when choosing planars in case of headphones you more or less just have the advantages of this concept, different than with speakers, where also several disadvantages of planars exist.

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Michael, the last few years I’ve fallen in love with Planar Magnetic headphones–I like their clarity and their imaging. I have two pair: one is Oppo PM-1, very easy to drive so I figure the BHK should do a good job, the second is Audeze LCD-2, requires a little more power to drive. I don’t have a BHK preamp, I use a Decware Taboo Mk III and Mk IV and a Decware CSP2+, all three are tube amps and drive these headphones very well. The Oppos have stronger bass and a very smooth midrange, the Audeze are a bit more dynamic and a bit more comfortable for long-period listening.

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I would like to avoid the box etc, so the plan that I can bring DS and pre to the summerhouse without speaker, amplifier etc. So conventional I think. It will all be so cool when I go to Copenhagen to pick up my pre. The program is loaded this year I will spend 30 days for China HIFI work and then I will spend 30 days in the Tennsse cottage … and then start over with marketing etc. of the two new active sets. It’s 600km back and forth just to listen to the headphones so it really helps me. I have now made such 7 times panic purchase where I have just bought some outside and listen and it just does not work. More love. Thanks bro

I don’t use headphones often so I bought the AudioQuest Nighthawk. Nice for the small cost. I heard the Oppo are nice if you want to spend more.

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I suspect you are thinking electrostatics. Planar magnetic headphones are a different critter entirely. The BHK will happily drive most planars just fine (the Susvara I mention above is on of the few exceptions.)

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Yup planar magnetic are okay on BHK. I’d look at Sennheiser HD800S headphones - they sound magnificent.

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Correct, I didn’t consider magnetostatics, my fault. Quite sure they also sound great, but I didn’t hear one so far.

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I’m going to pick up my BHK preamp, on Wednesday in Copenhagen. I will listen to a set of Sennheiser HD800S headphones and two other in the same class. Thank you for getting me on track. I have learned from the 7 bugs that I do not have to buy headphones for HIFI exposures when I have heard and demo speakers and for example PS audio for 12 consecutive hours and talk to about 2,000 people. It makes me feel dull and if I listen then react to the different sound I’ve heard from believing that it’s good and it was actually different. Thank you for your help.

I have a fair amount of small dac for the many pcs etc i have. Therefore, I think it’s a good way to get in when I can use them for this purpose too.

More love Michael