BHK Pre How often do you put it in standby mode

Hi Folks - I never used to put my BHK pre in standby mode till recently I got some nice tubes.
Do you guys put it in standby mode every night when you are done listening or just leave it on 24/7 ?

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I put it into standby mode every night. I use Telefunkun, NOS tubes and they are getting expensive. No need to leave it on at all times.


I put it in Standby whenever I’m not using. I’m not sure why it would need to be left on all of the time.


Same here - every time I’m not using it.


Standby when not listening as well.


Thanks folks - i just found it a bit of a PITA given my morning routine for me to start it up and wait for a bit.

I always put mine in standby overnight. I do have my BHK 250 triggered by the BHK Pre so I put both in standby (and back on) with one press of a button on the remote. No sense putting hours on the tubes if I’m not listening. Also, while I have never had a major tube failure, I feel a little more comfortable with the tubes off when I am sleeping.


both my AMP and Pre are on standby when not in use. I’ve only completely shut it down when moving the units or if I know I am not going to be listening for a couple days or so. I’ve never left either unit completely ON overnight.

Same here. Standby when not in use FWIW.

Ditto. BHK pre and monos.