BHK pre amp shutoff

I have a P10 with a pair of BHK 300’s, DSD, PWT and BHK pre-amp attached. When I power up the P10 everything comes on as expected, but then the pre-amp shuts off and has to be turned on again via the front power button. This has been on-going pretty much since I added the pre-amp. Any suggestions?

The pre shuts itself off, or the P10 cuts power to the outlet into which the pre is plugged?

I think this is normal behavior. If I’m not going to listen for some time, I turn off the BKH preamp using the switch on the back (analogous to the P10 cutting power). When I turn it on again, the front panel lights off and the preamp identifies itself. Then it automatically goes into standby mode. I think it behaves this way because it was designed to be left powered on all the time–a decision that I understand completely from the point of view of sound quality, but which may not be ideal for other reasons.

Magister is correct. It wants to have power at all times then use the front panel button for standby and shutting off the tubes.

Thank you all. Looks like it’s time to rearrange some power cords.