BHK Pre says "Factory Reset" - First Start-up. Non responsive

Anyone familiar with this message? I received my BHK Pre today, but it’s a Saturday and it looks like PS Audio doesn’t open today, although Paul is probably there.
The screen says “PS Audio Factory Reset” and none of the buttons are responsive. I can see a 1 reddish light through the top grill on the left side… The Standby button, short, or long pressed is non-responsive. Volume dial and the little grey button on the screen is also non-responsive as well.

I don’t see anything in the manual that says anything about this.

Since pictures say a thousand words

Normally one invokes a factory reset by turning off the Pre with the rear switch then, before you turn it back on, hold down the logo button on the front while you switch it back on.

I suggest trying this. Perhaps it will unstuck your unit.

BTW, this procedure restores factory defaults, as well as resets the tube counter.

Good luck!


Thank you Elk. I was able to get it out of that factory reset screen by what you said to do. I’m not getting any sound though. Nothing through the headphone jack or my bookshelf speakers. When I unplugged the headphone, the BHK Pre froze. This is not a very good experience so far.

I am here and scratching my head. I apologize. I know how excited you must be to have received it on Saturday with the weekend ahead and now this! That sucks.

I can try and rouse someone but it might have to wait until Monday.


The reddish light is a red LED on the preamp main board. That’s normal. Same as my BHK. I had the control functions on my unit freeze just once. I cleared it by turning off the main switch on the back panel. Pulling the A/C plug and letting it completely discharge. By completely discharge I mean I powered down and left it that way for 3 hours or more. Every capacitor, every component in the unit should be discharged. I actually had to do this several times before my unit recovered. I’ve owned my BHK for almost 5 years. This has been the only glitch. After I cleared it my unit has been completely trouble free.


Hey Paul,

Just like an IT ticket, it started working just when you responded. hahaha
I don’t know what is going on, but since it froze when I unplugged the headphone jack, I had to restart it again. I tested with a different source (CD Transport) and I was getting music, so I switched over to my other source (Computer Audio) and now that’s working too. The odd thing is that both my CDT and Computer Audio both go through my DirectStream DAC as I2S 1 and 2.

I’ll try the headphone later, but for now, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of my labor… and of course PS Audio’s labor of love =)


Great news!

Let’s hope it was a one tome glitch.

Have a great time listening to your new toy!


Thanks for your help! Burn-in is in progress =)


I love it when a plan comes together!



Tube rolling next. Welcome to the BHK Tube Rolling Insane Asylum. :slight_smile:


So Paul is now running an insane asylum…hmmmm :grin: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Must have to do with music or some such…

Best wishes ya’ll

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Ahaha let me at least break in the ones that Bascom chose for his pre-amp before I start tube rolling.


A wise approach, me thinks. :wink:

Just read through this thread like it was a dramatic novella. Didn’t know which way it was going to go - but happy to hear you got it working. I love my BHK-pre :slight_smile:


Me too! I was patiently waiting for this BHK Pre and was very excited to get it hooked up. I did a lot of research (AKA read about people’s complaints) before I placed the order and was pleasantly surprised. I’m running RCAs from the Pre to my First Watt F8 amplifier (only option) and the noise while adjusting volume that I heard a lot of complaints about is not offensive at all. It kind of reminds me of the the slight noise/vibration when you are typing on your phone. The higher noise floor complaint is not even noticeable on my system, nor is there any hum, so I’m a happy camper. I’m obviously still burning this in, but right off the bat, the sound stage is definitely more open and string instruments sound sweeter.


Excellent report.

I am delighted things worked out for you. We all understand how frustrating it would be to get a new toy and not be able to play with it.


Thanks for letting us know everything turned out alright and delighted it’s starting to sing for you! It only gets better from here.


Anyone happen to know the material used for the piano black top panel on the BHK pre and related products? It’s too stable to be wood.

It is wood, called HDF which stands for high density fiberboard. It is cut, sanded, and painted with multiple passes on the buffing wheel and then affixed to a metal substrate cover below it.