New BHK Preamp in Factory Reset Mode

HI PS Audio Community,

I received my BHK Preamp today and I am excited to get it set up, however, I can’t seem to get it out of Factory Reset mode.

Turning the preamp off and holding the logo button prior to turning the preamp back on has not worked for me. Thoughts?

I appreciate your feedback.



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Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your new BHK preamp. Did you buy it new or used? Under normal circumstances, a new preamp is expected to be be plug-and-play out of the box. I am sure someone from PSA would help you first thing Monday morning.

It’s a new BHK preamp. I plan to call tomorrow, November 1st.

Thanks Serhan.

PS customer service folks are good, and company warranty is :+1:t2:. Your issue will be resolved.
All the best Tom


The issue has been reported at least once before and the owner was able to resolve it himself.

BHK Pre says “Factory Reset” - First Start-up. Non responsive - Audio Components / Preamplifiers - PS Audio

Yes, hence my concern. The fix suggested did not resolve my issue.

Thanks for reaching out owlsalum.

Mine came with the same message. The factory reboot pressing the logo didn’t work. But then I plugged something into the headphone jack that froze it and I had to factory reboot again. It has been working perfectly since then. Not sure what’s happening during shipping but I would try that, it worked for me.

Thanks JWLaudio. There’s some comfort here knowing that I’m not the only one. I’m happy to hear yours is in good operating order.

I did contact PS Audio for support. Despite out best attempts we could not get the BHK preamp out of the factory reset mode. PS Audio is considering it dead on arrival, and is replacing my unit with another.

I appreciate PS Audio standing behind their product. I know they want to get this right for me.

Take care JWLaudio.

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Sorry to hear that! That’s unfortunate. Nothing like the frustration of getting a new toy you can’t play with right away, especially if you had to wait for it.