BHK Pre with Naim amp

Hi there, I want to know if someone is using a BHK pre with Naim amplifiers such as 300 or 500. I want change the pre in my Naim system but not certain of the synergies with the BHK. Comments are welcome.

I would be curious as well. I was a full blown Naimee and Naim
synergy is basically all Naim gear. Heck just their DIN plugs alone
imply that. I know their new models has RCAs as well. My guess is
No with PS Audio but I can be wrong.

Not sure about preamps but when my BHK Power amp was away for repair I was tried using a Naim Uniti Atom as an amp for my Directstream DAC and it was a good combination. Sounded great - there was really good synergy. A lot of people use Naim equipment with other gear and as a result of that Naim has made sure to add conventional connections.