Bhk pre won't turn on

Hi there,

I tried to change the bias setting to 5ma by moving the jumpers and the pre won’t turn on now. I changed them back to 4 ma and still won’t turn on! Freaking out.

I simply:

  • turned the power switch off
  • removed the cable
  • removed the left tube
  • put the jumper on both pins
    -put the tube back
  • repeated the process for the right tube.

What possible thing could I have done to make it die like this? I made sure repeatedly to seat the tubes properly… But still nothing. Plus, I would imagine that If the tubes we not seated properly, it would still turn on and just not play…

Please help.


Did you try checking the fuse?

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Doh! That’s it. Stupid me. Thanks for responding.

When you say it won’t turn on, do you mean the entire unit appears to have no power? Or do you mean the unit powers up but the tubes do not work?