BHK Pre will not power up

I just returned home from a work trip and plugged my P10 in and turned all the connected components on. Unfortunately the BHK Pre is lifeless. Nothing happens when I toggle the rear switch. The outlet on the P10 is good. I pulled it out of the rack and plugged it into a different wall receptacle with a different power cord and still no luck.

I’m guessing the fuse? Should I try swapping the fuse with my DS or DMP? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’m guessing it’s the fuse too. Don’t take the fuse from the DSD or DMP. The values are a bit different. If you can, measure if the fuse is good. Do you have a 120V version?

Yes, 120V. Forgive my ignorance, how can I measure if it is good? I have a volt meter.

Oh great. It’s pretty easy. You’ll be measuring the resistance. If the fuse is reading any resistance, it means it’s still good. If the multimeter doesn’t change and is reading 100% resistance, it means the fuse has blown. the fuse value for a 120V pre is 2amp 5x20mm 250v Slowblow.

I found a tutorial online, and it does appear to be bad. Any suggestions on a replacement? I’d love to be up and running for the weekend, so I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for an audiophile fuse to be shipped. Am I good just heading to Home Depot for a replacement?

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Eh, they might not have the value you need, but it’s possible. A smaller electronics shop will definitely have it. We could always ship you some, but they probably won’t get there for a few days.

Of course I was driving to HD while you posted! They have 2A 5x20mm 250 volts, but it does not say Slow Blow. However the box says “Fast Acting Fuse”. Should I look elsewhere?

The “Fast Acting” will work for the time being, but you’ll eventually want a slow blow for it. go ahead and shoot me an email, and I can have some fuses out to you ASAP!

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Thanks for all your help! I’ll send an email shortly.