Bhk preamp hissing

I’m getting a hissing noise in my speakers only when I use my phono all other components a are dead quiet. Tape player cd etc. just when I use my phono. No hum just hissing. I’m using the Sutherland little loco mkII bhk 250 amp and the bhk preamp with a Hanna ml cartridge.

If it’s only making the hissing noise with the phono input but silent otherwise, that makes me think it’s upstream of the BHK pre, potentially the phono pre.

Have you tried moving the Phono Pre to another input on the BHK Pre?

You’re not using Cobra Cables are you? :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’ve got the gain on the Sutherland set to high trying to match the output level of your digital sources then it’s set too high and you will hear the hiss during quiet passages or between track. This will be on top of the residual hissing noise from the BHK preamps tube input stage. As the manual on that unit provides literally no useful information on specs it’s kind of hard to know what the actual gain is from each of the three settings.

I’ve used different phono preamps same thing no different

No I am not

I have it set at medium gain per instructions I’ll set it to lower gain tonight and see what happens thanks

That may simply be the noise floor in the system with a phono pre. Potentially the RF in the system being amplified by the phono pres. The BHK wouldn’t be to blame if it’s silent with your various line level sources.

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