BHK Preamp & M700 monoblocks

Currently have SGCD & M700’s feeding Sonist Audio Concerto 4 speakers.
Everything (including music source components) is powered by a P12.
Has anyone upgraded from a SGCD to a BHK Preamp mated with the M700 monoblocks and what improvements were made to the system?

I like the screen name :slight_smile: I’m sure a number of others can hop in here with their input, but this is a really fun upgrade to make. I’ve heard the difference of the GDAC compared to the BHK in a couple of systems. The improvement is stunning. Bass becomes more powerful and believable, and the mids and highs get more musical and full. The BHK pre and M700s do incredibly well together.


I went from SGCD and S300 to BHK pre and M700, along with DS DAC in there too over the course of some months. Each component takes the sound to the next level and each compliments each other.

SGCD + M700 are fine sounding but your speakers will definitely reveal the BHK goodness. I find it quite fun to roll tubes every 6 months to a year as well and enjoy different ‘flavors’ of each.

What are your upstream source(s) and DAC?


What JamesH said. Mine is one of the systems that James has heard with GDAC to M700s, and then with BHK Pre to M700s. No going back. The BHK Pre is just so full and musical. Listening at this moment to some old vinyl Metheny through Darren’s Stellar Phono Pre and I can only say what I’ve said before…Pat and Lyle are In My Room.
RIP Lyle Mays.


No streaming sources.
Have a Pioneer Elite “play everything” device (cd/dvd/bluray/mp3/mp4/aiff/dsd).
It does have a good-sounding 24bit DAC. And, of course, the Stellar Gain Cell, which I would lose in a potential trade-in.

Well. My BHK Preamp arrived. Wow. All I can say is WOW!!!
I liked (and still like) the SGCD, but the BHK Preamp has the midrange smoothness and female vocal magic from the tubes, but without too much warmth in the upper bass that full tubes can have (sometimes full tube warmth is so lush and wonderful, sometimes full tube warmth is just too warm). There is also increased resolution and refinement, particularly in the midrange and upward. They mate very well with the M700 monoblocks feeding the Sonist Audio Concerto 4 speakers.

Excellent! Many folks write to us and suggest the only thing they did wrong when ordering the BHK was waiting so long. It truly is one of the best preamplifiers in the world.

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Yep. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade!!

All hail BHK! I love mine and it never leaves my system- tried without it and the mojo goes too-

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