Compatible preamp for M700’s besides BHK or SGCD

Hello folks, I have issues with my SGCDas far as its digital inputs which when used just major distortion , the analog inputs/output works fine so obviously an issue needing repair,after taking suggestions from forum members as far as what Might be the issue, nothing suggested cured the problem but I am grateful for the input​:v::notes:.
So now I am looking for a quality preamp besides the obvious BHK (not in position to go that high at the moment) I have access to a mint Musical Fidelity M6pre for about the same cash as a used SGCDgoes for. As far as impedance in/outputs specs it seems like a favorable match , if anyone has any seat time with this preamp or any MF equipment, input would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you kindly :notes::v:

Have you checked with PS Audio to see if they would give you a great deal if you trade in your SGCD toward the new Stellar Gold preamp?


PS Audio game me a great trade in on my Stellar Gain Cell towards the BHK Pre. There was no Stellar Gold at the time but I’m assuming they would have a great offer for you. If you’re in The USA it’s definitely worth a call to the sales team.


M6 is a great pre amp for the money. M8 better and both can be found used. M6 pretty cheap.

Trade to the Gold might be a option if you want to stay with PS. Or look at Benchmark LA4. Used is reasonable and very good reviews.

I have had MF stuff. Amp was great, dac sucked. As always, a trial is worth a ton

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What DAC are you using? I had an SGCD with M700s and upgraded to Holo Audio Spring3 DAC and Serene pre.