BHK preamp tone control?

Hi everyone. First post, but long time stalker. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m looking to purchase the BHK preamp as a replacement for my Rotel RC-1590.

Does the BHK preamp have tone control to allow bass and treble adjustments?



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Heavens no…


Thanks for the fast responses!

It does not, but in these kinds of highly resolving systems, hopefully you don’t need them. It will sounds significantly better and more musical than what you are replacing it with. Let us know if you need help.


Nope. I"ve taken the view a good high-end amplification component should be true and transparent to whatever source it is fed. Your view of tone controls may differ, and hey that’s OK! -:slight_smile:

So…the Rotel sounds better?


Do you use Roon? Some software programs have DSP available if you need it.

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No. I don’t use Roon. I try not to adjust the tone on my Rotel, but not all recordings are created with quality in mind.

Well, the preamp isn’t available until January anyway…:flushed:

Roon has pretty decent DSP. I don’t use the EQ per se, but like the upsampling and Crossfeed features for headphone listening. Audirvana also has some good EQ plug ins. I use one from DMG audio.

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Tone control isn’t a very popular thing with higher end audio like this. You want to keep the signal path pure. Tone controls were a lot more popular back in the day when speakers and systems needed a crutch because of their short comings. With modern full range speakers, tone control isn’t needed (in most scenarios).

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