BHK Preamp tube rolling

Ok. Thanks for the advice!

Pulled out my stock tubes tonight and I’m trying out NOS Brimar 4003 tubes. Immediately the mids sound cleaner along with vocals! Bass doesn’t seem as deep as it did with PS Vanes. Only about an hour in so I’m curious if they will sound any different with some more burn in time?

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Many benefit from a break in of 50-100 hours.


Can anyone recommend a good place to get a set of the Telefunken 6DJ8’s (ECC88)? I suppose the E88CC’s should be good too?


Try Andy at VTS but you need to call not e-mail

Thanks! I’ll give him a call.

Anyone else running new Psvane 12au7-s art tubes in BHK pre? I´v had a pair running in now for about 250 hours and these sound clearly better than older discontinued mk2 version or any other tubes I´ve tried in BHK pre.

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Yes, I got a pair just before Christmas. I’ve been very happy with them. I agree that they are better than the previous version, as well as the Golden Lion and the Tungsram tubes that I’ve used. I’m thinking about trying a pair in the BHK 250.

The powe amp uses 6 or 7 volt tubes only.

Speaking of new Chinese tubes, Has anyone tried the Shuguang 12au7-T (or TG)… I thought I had read positive news for low noise, but any overall sound impressions?

I wonder how different they are as Shuguang makes both and has priced them the same. Looking at pictures closely they are very, very similar.

That’s kinda what I was thinking, But I thought the PS Vane folks spun off and set up shop nearby (but may still share the same R&D) - I’m not totally sure but just looking to see if there is a noticeable difference vs potentially just badged differently.

I ordered of pair of the Psvanes, if you order a set of the Shuguang we could swap at some point after a proper evaluation of each.

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Great idea - ordered.

From where do you guys order these new Psvanes?

I have both the Shuguang black bottle and new Psvane art series and unfortunately both models had issues. The Shuguang started having spurious noise in both sets. IIRC they were very quiet and dynamic when I first got them. The Psvane seemed very good but started having a ringing issue in one channel and was sent back to the dealer to replace. I haven’t gotten them back yet.

Of all the tubes I have, the latest Gold Lion 6922s are really coming into their own. I have about 300 hours on this pair and I prefer them over the Tungsram for their transparency, tonal balance, delicate details and big soundstage.


I’ve yet to order a set of Psvanes , but I would consider PS Audio, or a place that offers a balanced pair.

I bought my PSVanes from Grant Fidelity. They are in Canada but they ship to the US.

I’m not a tube aficionado, but I thought the 12au7 was the preferred match with the BHK as it offers the lowest noise floor.

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That has been my experience.