BHK preamp Versions

I’m dabbling in the used PS Audio preamp market. My question is, have there been different versions of the BHK preamp? When I look at photographs of the innards of the preamp, I see different constructions. For example, I see the valves positioned in two different configurations - what accounts for that?

I don’t think there are different versions of the BHK Preamp. You’d have to post the pictures then we could see the differences you’re addressing.

I believe that they made a change to how the Tube V regulator (vertical board behind the tubes) is attached to the main board. In one version it was soldered directly to the main board and in another version it is attached through a ‘pin’ socket and removable. Not sure which is current a the moment. An email to Tech support sohuld clear up any questions you have. I don’t believe there have been any changes in the actual circuit topology at all. If you interested, I have a BHK Pre (2 yr’s old) that I was going to put up for sale in the next month or so. It is in immaculate condition. Works perfectly, no issues at all. I would be willing to discuss an early sale if your interested, PM me and lets chat.


The change to the circuit boards isn’t visually evident.

Yes, I’ll give tech support a call. Thanks all!