Special BHK Pre?

@Paul, can you share more about what appears to be more than 2 vacuum tubes and special blue wiring in the open top BHK Pre in your video.

The open top one is PST.

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An astute observation! But I’m asking about the BHK Pre sitting on the left middle shelf.

Good catch. Indeed, it looks like there are 4 vac.

Now, I am very curious about it, since BHK pre in on my next upgrade list.


Those look like the single ended inputs not extra tubes. The stock tubes sit lower in the BHK I’m not sure if you would see them at the angle of this picture.

Eagle eye vee. Boy I didn’t catch that feature when I watched the vid. A PSA Skunk Works project? I’m seriously intrigued.

I agree. I think the previous observations are the product of wishful (wistful?) thinking.


Tho I would not be surprised if there is a new preamp in the works! New Directstream, new BHK 600’s, new SACD transport! I’m sure its coming but it will be hard to top the current BHK Preamp at the current price point! I love my BHK Preamp!


For reference

Great eyes. I agree they look like where the inputs would be, but that Pre is still different. I’m curious what those differences are.

I dunno, @vee.

I hope you are on to something, but, to these squinting eyes, it looks like a blurry optical illusion; and what appears to possibly be extra tubes are, indeed, the backside of the inputs on the rear wall of the case.

I’ll remain wish/wist-ful!


Don’t get too excited. It’s just a stock BHK pre. It’s one of the first made so it may have different looking ribbon cables, but nothing interesting. What looks like tubes are indeed the single ended connections.


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Thanks for clearing this up.


I like the cones! Did you replace the stock feet with the cones?

@jamesh you are a star! I saw you in the April issue of Stereophile!


Ha, you know Paul would have talked about it by now if there was something interesting going on. Specially if it was a BHK pre MKII or something… :sweat_smile:

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I did. The cones are from Dayton audio.

Rats! Not that I have the scratch at the moment, but a MKII would have me saving my pennies. Ah well.


So I have gathered. Stealth and secrecy are definitely not the Boss’s strong suit.