BHK250 tube issue...?

Hi everyone

I just ventured down the path of changing the tubes in my bhk250 and had a small glitch.

I pulled the original ones out and put in some gold lion Ecc82’s. On turning the amp the right speaker popped and the volume was significantly lower than the left speaker. I tried another set of the same tubes thinking the first set may have been faulty and the same thing happened. I’ve now put in the originals and it’s all working fine.

Is this a compatibility issue? Can someone give me some advice on this.

I believe ECC82 it’s not the proper tube. That is equivalent to a 12AU7.

The proper tube is a 6922, 6DJ8, E88CC and equivalents.

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Correct, ECC82 is a 12V tube and won’t work in the 250. It would however work in the BHK pre though.

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Thanks @jamesh

Just to save me thinking about it… Do you think i’ve done any damage to the tubes or amp?

Both amp and tubes should be fine. If they were in there for a long time while on I’d be a little nervous, but both should be OK.

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