BHK300 loud buzzing

Hello, I am in UK and have problem with one of the BHK300’s.

It makes loud buzzing noise at start up coming from valve area. I changed valves but no change.

I disconnected everything from amp ( just left power) and no change.

I tried to play something through it, but I get loud pops and I just switched it off.

I need to wait several weeks for UK distributor’s help.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance

I’d suggest hitting up PS Audio’s Support Desk in parallel with working with your local dealer. Provide as much detail as possible. Not owning PS Audio amplifiers I can’t offer any specific insight.


thanks, will do.

I’m in the UK: I had BHK250’s and BHK300’s and experienced the same issues as you. I changed the valves - it made no difference … The input boards were faulty. That’s the small board where the valves are located.


Hi Dirk,

That’s great to know, thanks. Were yours done under warranty by PS audio distributor or out of warranty?


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During and out of warranty. One board replaced by Kevin Akam.
I changed other faulty board(s) by myself.

I’ve had a search and I do have one new input board that’s never been used, but unfortunately it’s for a BHK 250. It’s a different type/configuration to a BHK 300. I would have gifted you the board
to help you out . What channel is noisy - left or right. ?

Thanks Dirk, that’s very kind of you.

BTW I’ve seen your posts re number of time you’ve had problems with PS gear. That must have been awful experience.

I’ve had BHK PRE + 300’s for around 3 years now, never had issue before.

With regards to amp its was my right BHK300 that went faulty, left is OK.

I guess I will have to get them to Kevin for service. How much were those boards ; they look pricey parts…


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Not a problem… I just wanted to help you out if I could! The cost ? Not sure…! (£500 ? / £600 ?) pounds sterling per board: - 2019 the last time I fitted a new input board.

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I understand. Thanks again. Are you still using BHK Pre/Power?

Hi Dirk,

Taking my BHK’s to Kevin next week.

I just had a look at the pictures of spare boards that you’ve sent.

It looks like you have spare both boards ( 250 and 300)

BHK 300 boards have SINGLE RCA input, whilst 250 is double RCA i.e. L/R channels.

I cant believe I have not noticed this immediately, I guess I was very upset and did not look at pics properly.

Anyhow, I would be most grateful if you could let me have those boards as advised?

Much appreciated & many thanks.

Look forward to your reply…

Best wishes

Pointless exercise!

As stated previously. “I’ve had a search and I do have one new input board that’s never been used, but unfortunately it’s for a BHK 250 amplifier. It’s a different type/configuration to a BHK 300”.

Dan, you need an input board for BHK300. The two BHK300 input boards in the photo are faulty… I removed them and installed new replacements, both new input boards were sent to me from PS Audio.


Hi Dirk,

Thanks very much for explaining. I thought because you’ve sent me pics that they are OK. Oh well…

Let me see what Kevin says. Maybe they could still be of some use, depending on my exact problem.

Thanks again.


I featured them so that you can see the differences between 250 and 350 boards. But like you said, you didn’t notice.

I will just hold onto them. Both 300 boards are faulty…!

Thanks for your message and advice.

Take care