Bob Dylan Has Re-Recorded Classic Tracks With T Bone Burnett to Introduce New Analog Disc Technology

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I’m not saying it won’t happen just like Burnett claims, but I kept thinking this must have been published on April 1st.

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The technology has previously been disclosed. It is Dylan’s involvement which is news to me.

On sale tomorrow - limited edition of one.

I’m buyin’ the NFT of that shizz.:cowboy_hat_face:


Help me out here…IIRC this has been discussed in one form or another for going on four years:

The above may not be the best reference in this regard, but the thing that REALLY surprised me was that I had to click through 5 or 6 PAGES of Google results to get back to a mention of this prior to this year. That was some seriously impressive manipulation of the Interwebs. I love these guys even more now​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray:t2:

I mean - don’t get me wrong, I truly love everyone involved as innovators, artists and so on. Not kidding. But I cannot help but point out that this here format appears to be analog, and so - (with respect to those here who have been upset about the time some digital products are taking to come to market) - there can’t be any digital chip shortages and so on preventing this from coming to fruition. Maybe. Prolly.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not that four years is an awfully long development period if you never mention it publicly.

I know musical taste is a personal thing.

That said – personally, I don’t think the average Dylan recording, whether is is with a spanking-new technology or an ancient recording media can ever sound “good”.


Seriously/historically, I like me some Bob Dylan but not most Bob Dylan. :man_shrugging: But my taste in music, like certain foods, has evolved over time. Maybe I should revisit Mr. Dylan’s catalogue and see if I can find more to like.



Sold for £1,482,000. Add buyer’s premium and sales tax, £1,931,460, that’s $2,321,230 plus postage & packaging. Hell’s teeth!

For the disappointed out there, there’s a nice Stead coming up in a minute, a rare inlaid one.

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Irony: "Dylan adapted the melody of ‘Blowin’ in the Wind’ from an African-American spiritual, ‘No More Auction Block for Me,’… "

Let’s see - runtime of 3:50 = 230 seconds = around $10k/second

nah he’s still a whiney old so-and-so :wink:

i have always liked his Desire album though, but that’s about it…

as for the “new” analogue format, i’m sure it’s great and all that, but so was Dolby SR on multitrack tapes, still didn’t stop almost everyone recording via digital in the end.

Apparently it’s a normal lacquer and they fix the cellulose with a very thin layer of very hard magic fairy dust.

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I never started out that way but became a huge Dylan fan. No interest in this new format though.

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It’s called Ionic Original disc format.

It should be interesting to see if this new format has legs or not.