Bookshelf speakers with SGCD+ S300?

Not sure of TV/movie prowess but musically I bet excellent.

LS50 is a thought too. I’ll udate with new table coming and new speaker selection. Lots of choices.

Again everyone- thank you for the ideas!


Too pedestrian for a man of your discerning tastes. A counter proposal:

A picture with “table-top” stands (not mine):

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Bungs help control bass on rear ported bookshelf speakers

Interesting - were they Metas? I have them about 8" from the wall without either of the two bits of port bung, and feel they work really well with the wall, at least in the system/room they’re in. It is one of the things I was impressed with, aside from the Meta thing - which also tends to reduce wall interaction, I’d guess. The port is one of the things improved on the Meta vs. original LS50. If you have it this sort of distance or closer, you can add one or both plugs and reduce the boom.

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They were the original LS50. I tried to like them in the spot I wanted to use them and just couldn’t. However I did set them up in another temporary spot about 2.5’ from the rear wall and they sounded great.

The fellow I sold the LS50 loves them. He has them on shot filled spiked stands, driving them with a NAIM SuperNAIT 2 and an SVS sub. I think it sounds great.

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The Metas seem like a different speaker to me. I never had any interest in the original LS50 from hearing them at shows, so I don’t have any experience with them in my system. This is getting to be like I’m trying to sell the things, which I’m not. The ProAcs are awesome as well - I’d agree they should definitely be considered.

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So many toys, so little time.

Agree vkennedy. Tons of great suggestions above. Today I tried something I never tried before - a reverse back flip with… just kidding.
I listened to Tannoy!. While it is not the detail oriented sound I would seek in my mains, it was wonderful at TV, Spotify, Movie dialogue, Bluetooth streaming etc. Probably the least fatiguing speaker known to man IMHO. Sounds nice, like butter… Wonder if BEEF would agree this is the “British” or Harbeth type sound? I’m not sure but it is pleasant thru multiple sources and genre.

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Tannoys are definitely British speakers. “Tannoy” became their generic word for Public Address System, I think at least by WW2. My first studio monitors were two-way concentric Tannoys. The place that KEF has brought the concentric thing to is at another level in the Metas, IMO.

I do think The KEFs and Harbeths are different animals however, and given your taste you might prefer the KEF sound over that of Tannoy, Harbeth, ProAc, etc. Again, no skin in the game, and as I mentioned, I have difficulty imagining anyone who likes YGs liking the British monitor sound. They seem to me to be at opposite ends of the sonic spectrum.

I agree Beef. That is why I like them. Specifically Eyris DC3. 3 way- kinda a bookshelf with a integrated stand (lol).

I’ll share a pic of the system once the table is here and I do new cable runs etc. And your right, for my mains they would not have that definitive detail that I love in acoustic, piano Jazz etc. With that detail comes separation and some fun aspects I really enjoy. Hard to balance that with rock though as I always end my sessions with all the stuff I grew up with.

However about 80% of the time music is on, it’s on system 2 which is TV, Comcast, Spotify, BT. etc etc. Long hours. The PSA gear with the Tannoy really excels at zero fatigue listening and does very well with dialogue as well. There are a few speakers out there (like Dyn) that killed it on music but were pretty bad for TV.

I’m not trying to duplicate the main system, but employ a long hour (i.e. no tubes) system for general purposes so your suggestion has proven very helpful.

So on the same table and trying to keep things simple and boxes to minimum:
Sys 1- PC USB out- Matrix AES out- SPL Director MKII bal out- Mac 452 Iconoclast out- YG
Sys 2- SGCD-USB/Optical/Coax (Mac MB20) in, bal out out to S300 to Tannoy.

Opposites for sure but fun. I kinda got my french vanilla and rocky road in the same cone.

Pre maybe one day

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If you can find a pair of Meadowlark speakers pre-owned these could be a good solution. I have a pair of Kestrel Hotrods - they are really nice floorstanders, later models include the swift -they were engineered by Patrick McGinty - and were pretty well received by stereophile, personally I can only speak from personal experience - I have had the Kestrels for 20 years - they are still with me.

Apologies strike my recommendation - your are looking for bookshelf spkrs - sorry

All good. Have not ruled out smaller footprint floorstanders at this point

In that case :wink:

I have a pair of excellent condition Meadowlark Kestrel II time-aligned, transmission line floorstanders that I haven’t used since I returned to the Maggie fold in 2019. These are the successors to @nearlymusical 's hot-rodded Kestrels. Purchased new from Decibel Audio in Chicago back around '04 or '05, they’re in what Meadowlark called their “dark ash” finish, with no blemishes except for maybe one or two light scuff marks on the matte-finish base plates. They’re bi-wirable, with the factory jumpers installed.

I haven’t made a serious effort at selling them since I don’t have their packing material any longer, and they’d probably be expensive to have boxed and shipped. Pickup in or near Indianapolis would be necessary, or somewhere en route from there to central or east-central MI, where we visit family often. When I bought them they were $1600/pair and quickly went up to $2000 before Pat McGinty shuttered the factory. As listed in my “garage sale” post in the marketplace, I’d take $800 for the pair. Original spikes and grille socks included, but not installed.

If not interested, please excuse the interruption. I realize popping up here with this is borderline inappropriate.

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These speakers will make someone very happy, especially at that price. I hope you get a taker.

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