Recommended Powered Bookshelf Speakers

Any? Ideally at least a 6 inch woofer. This is for a secondary system with a DSD SR DAC using as a preamp too.

How about Buchardt A500?
They feature a balanced XLR analogue input.
Buchardt A500

You don’t give any price range? I have used Audioengine and Klipsch Rp41/51 with great success. However if you want better sound (much better) the KEF LS50 wireless II or Dynaudio

Currently have the Audioengine HD6 which are nice and convenient input-wise. In another room have the KEF LS50 Wireless I not the II’s. Just looking for more umph I guess and seeking what others have found enjoyable. Price wise < 5000.

Have also considered some pro studio monitors aka Adam Audio.

Just seeking opinions from these great forums!

I have a pair of Yamaha MSP5 active studio monitors hooked up to a NAD C658 BluOS Streaming DAC / Pre-Amp in my home office.

In my living room a pair of Buchardt S400 Signature passive " Bookshelf" speakers connected to a NAD M33 BluOS Streaming DAC integrated power amp with Eigentakt power stages build under license from Purifi Audio.

I am very satisfied with both set-ups. The Yamaha MSP5 are suitable for near field listening, they are about 6 ft from my listening position, the Buchardt S400 SE shine at a listening position from 8 ft and farther.

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