Box Storage

Wondering if I should upgrade my boxes for better performance. Has anyone tried the new cyro treated plated boxes from AudioBox Super Elite? They are $2000 a piece, but reviews claim that the upgraded performance is worth the price. I was saving up for heart surgery, but hey, you only live once!

(did I take it too far?) Honestly though, I also have a box storage problem amongst other obvious problems…




I keep all original boxes in the attic, but I don’t protect it at all from the damp that is definitely up there during the winter so they do suffer over time. But the attic is a real mess, need to go through it and tidy it up. @Palouse recommendation of flattening the boxes is a great one, and one I’d not even considered, thank you for that, so simple and yet totally unrecognised by me.

Thanks. Yeah I love living in Florida again but I do miss having that basement. The boxes were out of sight out of mind. That’s good insight on storing them in the garage. I pretty sure I’m going to buys some of those storage racks that attach to the ceiling. I’ll put the boxes in some of those thick plastic bags and store them up there.

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Lol. That’s what I currently have and my wife is now saying it’s time for them to go. At least she doesn’t mind having large floor standing speakers and all those components in the living room :slight_smile:

My wife has a no more new anything rule. I ignore it though.

Here the new rule is no more new door stops. A rule for which I shall abide. :grinning: