Box Storage

I’m curious as to where all of you are storing the original boxes for your gear. I recently moved from Colorado to Florida and I no longer have a basement. The issue I’m having is that between my speakers, hifi and theater gear I’m basically tying up a whole bedroom in our house with boxes.

For those of you without basements, how are you handling this issue. I’m curious if anyone is using their garage or attic. I’ve read conflicting information rodents, mold, mildew, fire risk etc. Here in Florida we have a lot of humidity, so that is a concern for me and my attic is not a conditioned space.

EXPENSIVE storage units that are heated and cooled 24/7/365.
I HATE pissing my retirement $$$$ away on such a ridiculous expenditure.

Flatten the boxes. You can always re-tap them when/if you need to use them again.


Stuffing and the box guts?

The attic. If you’re an Amazon customer, look online for gigantic heavy duty plastic bags, the kind used for industrial purposes. They’re there. Find the sizes you need. Stuff each box into a bag, tape it shut with heat resistant tape, and stuff them up in the attic.

Or break them down like Palouse says and stuff any necessary unique packing bits into plastic bags.


Put all the guts into 1 or 2 boxes, and breakdown the rest.


If you live in a hot summer climate, I would not recommend keeping any boxes in an attic or a storage shed. Over time, the cardboard dries out and becomes brittle. The boxes would not be any good for shipping once it is dried out.


Yeah I would hate to get to this point, so i hear you.

Interesting solution. Are you referring to contractor bags? My speaker boxes are big, hopefully i can find one that will cover it.

Mine are all in the attic.

I have a finished room over my garage for the cardboard boxes and the garage up at the lake for the heavy wooden crates.

They are all in my attic…

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Al - you volunteering to store goblue’s boxes? Free two-way shipping?


Something like 5 mil mattress storage bags.

I store them in the attic, in humid/hot South Louisiana. I recently moved and needed to pack up my gear. My speaker boxes had been in the attic for over 10 years and I didn’t have any issues with them.


I have the cartons for all my gear stored in my closets. Every closet in my apartment has been turned into AV gear storage, with whatever is left over for minor stuff like hanging clothes, etc. :o)


Of course you do, you’re Al :slight_smile:

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I also live in Florida and you are so right about Florida homes lacking storage space. I’ve got boxes stored in closets, in the back yard shed, up in the attic, and in the garage. The idea of flattening the boxes and storing the inner packaging has merit but the logistics of keeping an inventory of where the box and inner packing matches are stored makes my head swim. I’ve reused boxes that have been stored in the attic for ten years without any issue other than needing to use a heat gun to help remove all the old packaging tape so I had a clean cardboard surface to attach the new packing tape to. The garage is better for storage than the attic though, it definitely doesn’t get as hot.


My Focal speaker boxes and JC5 power amp boxes are double bagged in 60 gal
heavy duty plastic bags to help protect them in my shed… all other boxes in closets…

Boxes are critical to have in case of moving or having to ship…I try to avoid
trashing original boxes and internal foam protectors…

Hope this helps
Best wishes

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We gave up and have a “box” room.