Bridge 2 as a Tidal or other music company streamer vs higher end does it compare

Thanks again

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This is the first I’ve heard of the Bridge II being replaced by PS Audio. Why? When?

Bridge II will eventually be replaced by Bridge III (we’re clever in our naming schemes). This will likely happen in late 2019 but it may not happen until 2020. As technology improves we’re responsible for keeping up with ever more powerful processors and that’ll be what Bridge III has.


I love owning a product where the CEO communicates directly (and frankly) with their customers, and where a company offers free product (firmware) upgrades making an already great product and incredible one. It’s 6am in Seattle and I had to get up to listen to Jennifer Thomas’ “The Fire Within” on my DSD running Snowmass and streamed from Tidal through the new Bridge II firmware and Roon. With my listening room right outside our bedroom, I can’t say this is the best habit for my marriage, sleep or job, but heck, it’s Friday. Well done Bob, Ted and PS Audio!


That’s great!

If I had a hardware wish list for the Bridge III, it would be:

  • The ability to handle DSD128 or higher (not just 64)
  • The ability to handle PCM up to 384kHz 32 bits or higher (not just 192/32)
  • Built in (but defeatable) Wi-Fi
  • Metal shielding on the PCB over components that radiate EMI/RFI
  • A switch on the back that completely cuts power

And of course, a trade-in program. :smile:

Any teasers on the Bridge III’s specs, @Paul?

@apogeestage - OK, so I owe you a follow up from this post a month ago. Below is my new block diagram with updates. My next update will be adding a PSA BHK Preamp w/ Nordost Valhalla 2 XLR cables (have a pair now going from PSA DS DAC to BHK250 amp), and AC12 power cables. The step after that will be replacing the BHK250 w/ dual BHK amplifiers. My VTI rack will allow for replacing the 7.75in poles w/ 9.5in poles so there is plenty of room for growth. The next step after that will be going to Pink Faun 2.16 streamer and lose the Nucleus+ & Bridge II, maybe Bridge III by that time. I’m debating on weather the PN 2.16 single will be enough of a step up from the Roon Nucleus+. IMHO, this progression laid out will have the most to least impact on my system. The PN 2.16 effects streaming; however, the preamp and amp effects all sources. At this point my streaming is amazing and the SACD ripping was a major bonus, thanks to Brett66.

After going Roon Nucleus+ and getting rid of noisy NAS and adding AQVOX SE GBENET switch, the SQ is through the roof better. The Roon Nucleus+ & AQVOX SE switch was so easy to integrate and SQ went up X10. Then, I thought it was amazing till I downloaded snowmass. Holy Crap amazing! Ted is a genius.

This block diagram includes my great room A/V set up. What makes this combination so cool is the ability to rip SACDs using my OPPO 103 Blue Ray player, transferring them to my Nucleus+ 1TB SSD library and being able to apply DSP to them using my Roon Nucleus+.


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Excellent! Thanks much for the update - if I can’t wait for the Octave server I have a feeling that the Nucleus + is in my future.

@apogeestage - Make sure you understand: designing a great streamer is all about having a great software team developing the product. The Roon Nucleus+ was designed by a great software team with the benefit of understanding Roon very well. Pink Faun also has an amazing software team that also understands power supply cleanliness. If you get a chance, look at the 8pipe thermal design of the PF 2.16 and how they paid attention to the power. Zero moving parts supporting an 8 core processor design architecture. In addition, it is an extremely modular design with very serious upgradeability… Selecting the Roon Nucleus+ was all about selecting the design team’s strength and the price point and contemplation of the next step in 3-5 years. You have to look at the design company’s road-map and where they are focusing growth.

I purchased the PSA DS DMP for the SACD capability, knowing that PSA will be getting into producing SACDs down the road. In addition, streaming SQ is getting amazing; especially with the advent of convolution filtering to help room acoustics. DSP is not a panacea; however, an added benefit to helping room acoustic issues.

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Auralic Aries owner here chiming in. I have 2 DS units both with Bridge 2 installed. Re sound quality they are both pretty similar, in fact the results are system/source material dependent in my rig. Meaning that I prefer the Aries in one system partly because I like the sound better and tend to play more DSD128 there. Also the Bridge2 on that DS is less stable than the other. SQ is so close however I cannot recommend one over the other. Hope that helps. I stream through Roon exclusively BTW.

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What are your thoughts about Innuous or Antipodes?

To improve streaming I strongly recommend that you ground your Internet hub/router. I use an olympus 10 grounding box and challenger RG45 grounding wire from Entree. . Also I use a primer ethernet RJ11 cable from the main telephone point into the hub/router. You will be amazed the difference it makes.So much noise/inerference in those hubs.

When you mention getting rid of your noisy NAS do you mean noisy within the sound stream or unwanted background noise in your music room from the discs spinning? Is your music library now stored internal in your Nucleus+? Great job on you system schematic!

Hi Stax,
I’m not actually referring to a NAS drive but the actual wifi router connected to your telephone line.These are often cheaply made and produce a lot of noise into the ethernet cable connected to your NAS/streamer.

@Stax - Please look at the block diagram again. The dotted line is the separation of great room from music room and there is ~ 15ft distance between the two. The NAS is in another room. So, there is noise I listen to when I’m in my great room that is annoying as hell and I don’t like. If you had a QNAP251+ in your music room it would drive you crazy unless you buried it under a pillow… Then there is noise from spinning 3.5in disc; then there is noise from a cheap switcher powering the NAS… I have moved my library into the Roon Nucleus+ as a SSD (1TB Samsung 850 Pro) to elevate all the annoying NAS noise. I moved my ~200GB library… will be 10 years before I get close to 1/2 the capacity. The AQVOX SE switch was a no brainer considering the Nucleus+ and PSA DS DAC were 100ft from the wireless router. Albeit through CAT7 Ethernet cable with Telegartner connections. Now, my router has (1) 100ft CAT7 connection to the switch and I have the AQVOX CAT7 (0.5m) cable from switch to Roon Nucleus+ and PSA DS DAC. In addition, I made sure the Nucleus+ & AQVOX switch had very clean power from separate SBOOSTER linear power supplies with their power coming from P20, whose power comes from a 100ft single run 10/2 romex cable from panel. The AQVOX SE output is a really nice Ethernet signal and that made a big difference. There are (2) very important aspects of the system design I wanted to affect. Very clean power, great power cables, and great interconnects. I added a little more information to share my concerns and rational for changes to help with ideas.

@apogeestage - looked at both and like the Antipodes better. I’m a fan of Pink Faun. Antipodes seems to have similar architecture as PF for a little less money.

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Again thanks. I read a comparison of the two which also preferred Pink Faun

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@apogeestage - The Antipodes is less money. By the time you load up just one PF 2.16 you’re over $10K so you have to be careful…

Fair point

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