Bridge II and Media Servers

@tedsmith How important is the media server when using DS Bridge II’s ethernet connection? I may need to clear my ears, but I was barely able to hear the difference comparing playing Tidal from iphone directly to DS Bridge II than using a dedicated PC Ethernet out.
My DS Bridge II is connected to a Switch Clocked (Sotm), along with the PC and the router.

Does Bridge II level everything that comes before it? And if I want better quality do I need to use a media server better than it does, via USB?

@Paul What does Bridge II engineering have to say about this?

I’m not the best one to ask Bridge of. I don’t use any streaming source. Some people seem to mistakenly believe that Ethernet is somehow superior to other interfaces which I dispute, but I do expect that most can hear a difference with some differing streaming sources.

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And what clock are you using?

The clocked Switch from Sotm sNH-10G with sCLK-EX clock.
Since I’ve switched DS USB (direct connected to server) to DS Bridge II (with sNH-10G on the path) I can’t hear differences anymore in the transport/sources for the same file/streaming. Even Spotify sounds very good now, hard to tell nigh and day differences.

Yes, it can sound good with good hardware.

That is a lot of money to spend to not be able to hear differences any more. I guess in hindsight you’d just use USB and spend the money elsewhere.

It’s not a bad thing level at high the music. I just want to be sure because looks like I dont need spend money with server. Of course, I cant achieve the best quality possible from servers using Bridge II. Maybe with octave server I can sell my Bridge II and back for USB.

With the Octave you’d most likely want to go I2S

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I am not sure if you are aware that SoTM offers a more superior outboard power supply Sps 500 for the 10G switch, this combo really works with the Bridge II.
This combo also reveals how much more enjoyment can be delivered from the PS DSD DAC.
I can tell you that the PS Audio DAC with Bridge II is truly a great bang for the buck, and further my finding, I just tested the Lumin Mini transport connected to the DSD coaxial input a cheap Wireworld cable, the enjoyment blows away the Bridge II, now I can really see what the DSD can offer and I am so impressed with my DSD, I just order a Lumin U1 transport to feed my DSD DAC,
So I like to suggest keep trying.

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How much for the Lumin U1 transport?

If you’re asking for its retail price the Lumin U1 is $5,900 US.

According to Upscale the U1 Mini with Sbooster mod gets you very very close close to the U1. I think that combo retails ~$2500.

Thanks for info on retail price and alternative U1 Mini with Sbooster mods.