Using PWD + Bridge II without a PC

I have PWD Mk II and Bridge II. I know that everything works well using a PC, e.g. using foobar2000 (a wonderful “gapless Player” I used for Bridge I), but my goal is to use Bridge II without a PC. My main applications are TIDAL, internet radio and my music files, stored on a NAS. Bridge II (current Update) in combination with PWD (Update 3.03) sounds beautiful but still has some issues:

-MQA/Tidal with mconnectControl works BUT has some problems with gapless (some clicks between the tracks). By the way it’s a pity that Bridge II doesn’t support vtuner.

-BubbleUPnP/MinimServer (my favorite controller/server) works without an issue for TIDAL and my music files, BUT Internet Radio (Shoutcast) seems not to be supported by Bridge II (playing stops after a few minutes or sometimes seconds). Ok, I guess Minim Streamer on the NAS will work to stream Internet Radio, but I didn’t try it yet because BubbleUPnP and google chromecast work perfectly for Internet Radio

After trying a lot of different applications my conclusions are as follows: As mentioned, sound of Bridge/PWD is beautiful (congrats to PS Audio for that), but as long as not a specific PS Audio (iOS or Android) controller app is available (as it is available for other products / manufacturers) I hope that PS Audio will do an effort to improve compatibility whit common apps.

PS: Please apologize my English…

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To be more precise what I meant with my 1st post:

As PS Audio recommends explicitly to use mconnectControl to control bridgeII, I expect that this app will be 100% supported by the bridgeII and not only half of its functionality. Of course PS Audio can’t solve all the bugs and compatibility problems of every controller or server app, but they can do it at least for the apps they recommend.

I’m sure, at the end I will find an acceptable solution (or current bugs will be fixed), but I would prefer to enjoy the sound instead of wasting my time with testing all the possibilities, finding bugs, look into forums…