Bridge II USB port

Bought an USB filter, plan to install it on USB port of the Bridge II to enhance its performance, surprisingly found the USB port is too small to fit any standard USB socket, then what function of that USB port on Bridge II?

Mostly it’s used for emergency firmware recovery. It cannot be used to connect a music source, for example.

No Johnney is right. With me too, the “usb” port did not fysically fit an usb connector. The bridge seems to have a fabrication fault where the usb connector on the bridge is squeezed too much so that the outside connector can not … Eh … Connect so to speak.



Then I will install the above to one of spare USB port on Mac to see if there is noticeable SQ upgrade

This looks like a interesting product any details on it?

Johney, I tried looking up the Pioneer but only came up in a language I couldn’t read. Is it like the Audioquest Jitterbug?

You may find below weblink for reference, unfortunately only displayed in Japanese.

The entry level one I have is DR000, functioned as voltage stabilizer, higher level has noise filtering function.

I tested it on Mac and noticed bass is more solid, although I connect Mac to Bridge II, not through USB. I saw another comment from a blog, the blogger gave rating on various USB tunning gears as below:

Pioneer APS-DR001 x 2 >> AR RUT-1 >> Pioneer APS-DR001 >> AQ JitterBug

I am ordering DR001 as I heard it will enhance SQ in full range, unlike DR000 only improved bass.