Burn-in time

Hi, Paul.

The Directstream DAC requires a considerable burn-in period, as I recall from some of the reviews I’ve read. Is this the case for the Stellar Gain Cell DAC as well? What is recommended before expecting it to be performing as it should?

Looking forward to receiving it, and appreciate if you can email beta testers when the manual is ready.

Chris V

Paul - I would +1 this request with regard to the amps. I have maybe 18 hours on the S300 at this point. Any sense of when these units start to “come into their own”? Days/weeks? Or is this something you are hoping we will answer with the beta?

Mine sounded wonderful after 24 hours of working time. I suspect they’ll sound better with even more. But yes, this is something we hope to discover over the beta test period.

My suggestion at this point would be to not evaluate the Stellars’ performance prior to a 24 hour burn-in period. This doesn’t mean my end result will be positive.

I would offer SQ evaluations at this point - but I am impaired. It’s Saturday night. So sue me. : )

Chris V - thanks for asking the question! I think its relevant.